My easy child has Tizz


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AS you know she is married and witha 2 yr old son. There living situation with he husband brother, girlfriend and child has went from tol., if you can call that last July to nasty.
Her brother in law is a difficult child in the way we all know, including lzy , steals, drinks, too much, adn smokes pot in their basement. Well easy child and him got into it verbally, and throwing things. She called the cops and told them about whjat was going on and smoking pot, and they basically turned the other cheek, "Ma'am you can file a complaint but both of you will end in jail for violence towards one another. SHe dropped it and was going to live with her husband Mom and that did not pan out.

She is just as immature as the rest of them, but this tops the cake. She comes home, while her husband whole family is on vacation. brother in law had the locks changed. She calls the landlord and he says,"Well i dont want to get in the middle of this, your brother in law said you moved out, so he changed the locks, didnt give me a set of keys, and promised to geive a set to your husband". She broke the glass with his permission. She talks with husband that tells her, "My brother told me what he did, after we got over here on vacation".


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Sorry I cut that short, I must type to slow, cause sometimes it tells me to long of time to accept the post. Anyone else with this problem?

Need less to say this has played on thier marriage, because her husband doesnt stnad up for her, just hopes it will all be better.

Now she has followed through with what she said about going into the service. She is all signed and she leaves March 22. She told her husband either your with me, or a I file for divorce, and get things settled where baby is concerned.

I am so angry, hurt and disappointed, because even though this is a problem, I feel she wants to run away for awhile, and she chooses this?



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Jen, I'm wondering if maybe joining the service won't help her grow up? It will provide discipline, training, and hopefully a great career path. Maybe I'm partial because I was raised in a military family :cool: .

I know it's scary for her to join the service right now but hopefully it will be a positive move in the long run.

I hope it works out. Fingers crossed.



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I think she is not running away, she sees the situation intolerable and is stepping up to make changes for herself, and her child. She is being very brave, this is a big change. For anyone. She will always look back on this time in her life and LOVE wherever she is because she knows how bad it can get. I would feel really proud of her. Her situation sucks but luckily it will end soon. Keep your eye on the big picture.-Alyssa

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I see it as easy child attempting to solve her own problems. Going into the military with a baby isn't the easy way out, believe me. My sis was in as a single Mom for 6 yrs. Nope. Not easy at all.

But her choice does give her medical coverage, educational opportunities, and a career. And the additional bonus of paying for her housing or providing it.

What she does with the choice is going to determine whether it was a bad one for her or not. Hopefully it will turn into a great opportunity for her.

Scarey I'm sure. I'd be worried myself. But you should be proud she is doing her best to live up to her responsibilities. You think she's running away? Maybe. It might be the only way she can be sure if she has to break up her marriage she can and will leave her husband behind.



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Why is it that everytime I want to post I have to log in? Am I doing something wrong?

I just got done talking with her on the phone, and she tells me she is working on packing everything up , so it is ready to be carried out when they get back. She asked me aobut renting or payhing to rent a truck, and would I like the4 stuff brought down here, 3 hours away or place in storage there? I said I woujld leave it up to her and her husband to fighure out. I just got done giving her 300.00 to offset her bank acct. I told her I have no extra money, that if I did it goes towards our trip at the end of nest week. I am going to spend our hard earn moeny on ourselves, you know the ones that know how to manage their money. So then she wanted to cut me off short on the phone, and say,"well you wont have anyone to blame but your self if they take the furniture". I dont see them leaving any time real soon that is the brother in law, until May, even though tehy will not be able to live there on their own.

She got some help to get her car out of the bad snow, this guy she works witgh that accused my easy child of being persoanlly interested in. I dont think my easy child would do that with-o finalizing any unfinished business.

I am in so many way so disappointed, frustrated, angry and sick of all this.

My parents woujld have told me to fly the koop along time ago, and this is my so-called easy child child.