my granddaughter has arrived!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by janebrain, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Just wanted to let you know that E (difficult child 1) had her baby on Jan. 18th, a girl, Evyn. I got to hear her being born on speaker phone so I heard her first cries. She's really cute, 6 lbs and she is 19 inches long. I really should change E's status from difficult child to easy child now. She has changed so much since getting rid of the abusive boyfriend. We have gotten really close and it is like I am talking to another adult now and someone I would want to be friends with.
  2. dashcat

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    Congratulations on all your happy news and welcome to your beautiful granddaughter!
  3. CrazyinVA

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    Congratulations! Babies bring such joy :) So, are you going to be Grandma, Meemaw, Nana, Grammy, what?? :) (I'm a Grammy, myself!)
  4. witzend

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    Congratulations, and such good news about E! I know it was touch and go a while back, but it sounds as though she finally did get out of that jerk's clutches.
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    Huge congrats Jane!!!! And a great update for difficult child/easy child as well! :beautifulthing:
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    Congratulations, Jane! Aren't grandchildren wonderful!?!
  7. DammitJanet

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    How great! So now she has two? Cool.

    Is she still on the west coast or did she move elsewhere. Maybe you can get out there to see the kids soon!
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    It was a pleasure to read such an UP post. I'm happy for you all. DDD
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    Congrats, Gramma!
  11. Estherfromjerusalem

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    Congratulations! May you always have lots of joy and fun with this granddaughter.

    Love, Esther
  12. Suz

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    Congratulations, Jane!