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    difficult child is unaware I know his grades. He made a 25/100 on the in class midterm and a 40/100 on the TAKE HOME portion of the midterm.

    This is a remedial math class he has taken (and failed or dropped) THREE times before.

    He just doesn't care. Yet, he lies to me about the class going great, etc.

    I'm grateful he isn't living here. Two days ago, he asked me to check Craig's list for places needing a roommate. I assume he isn't getting along with the guy he moved in with. I asked if he was staying there in June and didn't get a straight answer. He did, however, ask me to give him cash because 'people' have teased him about his mom paying the rent since I wrote a check. Hmmm....not happening.

    I also don't know if he is working much at all. He claims he wasn't on the schedule for this week at the fast food place. But...I don't know what is true and what is lies with him. It could be a ploy to try to get cash from me. Didn't work.

    I do know if he fails this class he has no business back in school in June.

    I've signed off Facebook (the primary way difficult child contacts me) and am going to try to stay off it until Monday or so. A friend suggested that I become less available to difficult child. Probably best.