name your poison


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Or just tell us your beverage of preference for sipping thru the day. :)

Mine is very icey water. 2nd is coffee, plain, NOT starbucks, not exotic or flavored- with a litle bit of sugar and extra half and half.


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I decaffed approx 20 yrs ago, boy was THAT rough! AT that time I drank approx 60 cups of coffee per day. :-(
I avoided caffeine until very recently when someone said decaf aggravates RA? well by then my coffee drinking had reduced to maybe 4 cups a month, LOL_ so I decided the caffeine would not be a problem, anymore. Now I drink either decaf or regular, whatever is handy.


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mmmmm, I used to have an occasioal coke at work with a peice of fresh lime in it. and LOTS of ice. But NEVER diet.
I like lemon shakeups, too.....or just ice with fresh lemon and maybe a lil sugar or maybe not. and drizzle some water on it.


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Ya know, I liked soda pop better way way way back when it still came in 6 packs of glass bottles only. LOL. I have never liked cans and like plastic bottles even less. Seems to me it changes how things taste?
Given a choice, like on the VERY rare occasion I get a soda pop away from home, I will go for fountain cup with ice, lid and straw over a bottle or can.
and I love crushed ice best. :)
LOL---gosh- picky picky.
and I do not like strong coffee. even when I worked so many hours, I would not drink old coffee or strong coffee. when I worked in restaurants I would not drink coffee if it had been brewed more than 10 mins before my cup was poured. LOL. gosh so spoiled was I.

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dreamer - my coffee doesn't get old. I have a carafe that I pour my fresh coffee into if I don't finish it up. It keeps it warm for around 7 hours or so. Works for me.

I've always liked lime in diet coke - the diet coke with lime just cuts back on a step for me. I love any labor saving idea. :rofl:


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Have you guys tried those new Jazz sodas from Diet Pepsi? I love the strawberries and Cream one but shhhhh dont tell the Diet Coke folks that!


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I'm with Janet. I drink nothing but diet Coke most of the time, even first thing in the morning. I used to be a regular Coke-aholic, but had to cut back on sugar and got used to drinking diet soft drinks (it took awhile to be able to stand the taste of a diet Coke). Now I don't like the taste of regular soft drinks and rarely drink them.


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Coffee all morning,diet cherry coke all evening. The Jazz sodas rock!!mmm-Alyssa I definately feel guilty about not drinking enough water though.


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Well, Atlanta is the home base of the Coca-Cola company so I guess it is just natural that I love Diet Coke ~ straight up ~ no additions. I tried it with Splenda and didn't like the taste so I stick to the good old fashioned kind laced with aspartame.

I may die early but at least I'll still have my girlish figure.


Now, husband can't stand diet sodas and if he picks up my drink by mistake he practically starts gagging. So I have to buy Coke for him and Diet Coke for me.

by the way, I don't like Diet Pepsi and hate it when we go to restaurants that only carry Pepsi products. Luckily, since Atlanta is the coke capital of the world, that doesn't happen very often.

Oh, and mornings start with a cup of coffee with Cremora and Sweet N Low. Like dreamer, I can't stand coffee that has been sitting around for a while so I have two 4 cup coffee makers (one at home and one at school). I start with a cup at home and then make a new batch at school. There's nothing like a fresh brewed pot of coffee.


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Every now & then, I add a cube of sugar, Irish whiskey, whipped cream, Creme de Menthe & a hazel nut to my coffee. It makes a very pretty cup of coffee.

I'm always warm & relaxed after my cuppa Irish coffee! :rofl: :smile: :rofl:


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I start out the day with 2 cups of coffee. Can't drink regular coke (tastes like syrup), and lately my favorite is diet Cherry coke. I used to drink Diet Rite because it was less expensive, no sodium, no aspartame, no caffeine, that leaves just flavored water right? And it's no longer cheaper.

And the second question is what do you call carbonated drinks...soda?, pop?, or soda pop? We call it pop here.

:smile: :smile:


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I use a Bunn coffee maker and have a thermal sealed stainless pot.
But when I worked in the re staurants, FRESH- SUPER fresh was always available and whether coffee is sitting in a restaurant style pot, a home pot, a percolator or a thermos, it still does go thru very subtle changes. My 10 minute fetish was only way back when..LOL- gosh, I drink coffee rather slowly, and LOL I would not even get a 2nd cup at home if I still held to that demand. even tho I am the only one drinking the coffee at home.
As for the soda pop and lime..I drink soda pop MAYBE once a month. Maybe less. Usually my soda pop is on the occasion when I go thru a drive thru McDs and get myself a happy meal and a small coke. But I have found with nearly everything- I am a fresh snob for flavorings. I hate coffee or cream that is flavored, altho I will put things in my coffee- cinnamin, chocolate candy bar shavings, vanilla extract, ice cream, not often, tho. and usually at bedtime.
On the very sporadic occasions I drink hot tea? (if I am in a downphase, I cannot tolerate the taste of coffee) I might use honey and maybe fresh lemon, or maybe cream and honey.
So in my sodapop, I much prefer fresh real lime peices. same with Lemon, I cannot stand to use like ReaLemon juice in anything. Not sure why.

Now on the super rare occasion I also "doctor" my coffee or cocoa. I donot like it ready made doctored, but I have added Irish cream to coffee or cocoa. Or Kahlua, (or both) or Grand Marnier (also good in tea with milk) or Drambuii (same- also good in tea and milk) - I only do that about once a year or so, tho. usually at bedtime.

Peppermint candy is yummy in cocoa. so is cinnamin. Lemon, Lime or vanilla are all good in coke. so is chocolate syrup.
Hot chocolate powdered mix is yummy made with coffee instead of water, or made with milk. Candy bar melted into hot milk is even yummier.

Silly me will go days without remembering or taking time to eat or drink..not sure why aside from being bipolar? and while I absolutely LOVE to eat.....I have grave difficulty eating alone, and cannot eat just becuz it is "time" I also donot sip or drink things very often. For me, it is so much ceremonious. and social. and there are rituals involved. and things have to be done with a flourish.
I DO make and serve the family----and it all works out very well when we have a family meal.....but, if that does not work out, or there is noone to share with----
<sigh> it has become somuch much more difficult in the last 10 years.
husband does not eat with us. easy child is usually at work or school. Son does not LIKE any foods. He could care less if he ever eats or drinks.

SO if I am having a soda pop, it IS an event and I do add the fresh fruit. If we have is a big deal- so I do make it from scratch.with all the bells and whistles.


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I love strong, fresh coffee with full fat half and half in the morning. I love just the smell of it.

I even love the way the coffee can smells when I open it to make the coffee!

Ice water with apple cider vinegar in it (I have lots of problems with acid reflux, and the apple cider vinegar really helps) for me for the rest of the day ~ or just plain ice water.

And Earl Gray tea (Bigelow brand only!), with sugar, in the evening after dinner.

And at our house? We have a drink before dinner every day. We used to drink perfect Manhattans? But now, and for the past few years actually, we are drinking whiskey and water at Happy Hour SO THAT WE ARE NOT TAKING IN SO MUCH SUGAR!

(You believe it?!? :laugh: )

It's true!

If you are going to drink?

Drink responsibly, I always say! :laugh:



P.S. Actually, believe it or not, it was instituting that Happy Hour, that time to sit alone with my husband and drink a Brandy Manhattan, that saved our marraige, I think. That was husband's idea ~ and it was a good one. That drink before dinner is still one of the favorite parts of the day for us.


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My name is Deb and I'm a caffeine addict. :smile:

I am a coffee drinker (I love Dunkin Donuts coffee and buy it by the pound there to brew at home). I am not a flavored coffee person, and don't like anything in my coffee. Just give me a fresh pot of yummy fresh brewed coffee.

I am a Diet Pepsi drinker - no Diet Coke for me. Here in Michigan, soft drinks are called "pop".

I don't drink as much water as I should, but when I do, I usually squeeze a slice of lemon in it to give it a little zip.



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I guess you can add me to the list of caffeine addicts. I'm a coffee "purist". None of the fancy flavored stuff for me either, just plain ol' Folgers "Special Roast". It's getting harder to find but it smells so good, people at work will come in my office when it's perking to ask me what brand it is! I use real sugar and milk in it at home, creamer and sweetener at work (can't have "real" sugar in a prison ... if the inmates get it, they mix it with fruit juice and make booze out of it!)

I have two little 4-cup Mr. Coffees, just alike, one at home and one at work. I get it ready the night before so all I have to do in the morning is push the button as I staggger through the kitchen. What's left when I leave in the morning is poured into an insulated mug and I take it with me for the drive to work. When I get to work, I push the button on the coffee pot (set that up the night before too) so I don't slip into caffeine deprivation before it's done. With just me drinking it, if I make a BIG pot, it's getting strong and nasty by the time I get to the second half, so I make two smaller ones so it's always fresh. And this may sound stingy, but when I had a big coffee pot in my office, people thought it was a "communal" pot and came in and helped themselves. I can't AFFORD to keep dozens of people in coffee, so the small pot makes it clear that it's my "private stock".


When I finish the second pot I switch to water for the rest of the afternoon. Then when I get home, I allow myself ONE big glass of some kind of caffeinated soft drink, usually Dr. Pepper, then switch to water again about dinner time. If I don't have this extra caffeine when I come home from work, I "crash" way too soon at night.

My name is Donna, and I guess I'm an addict too!

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Mostly I drink water-usually I won't have anything else unless I've had at least 48 ounces. Then I'll have a coke with lots of ice!