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    I'll try to make this as short and sweet as possible. Nichole and her bff live next door to each other in a rental duplex. Her bff came home 1 day with a 30 some yr old woman referred to as Jo (can use jo as they are long longer sure it's her real name) This woman has mooched off Nichole's bff for months, not paid rent ect.

    Ok I have met this Jo. Sent off Mom red flags all over the place....along with some stuff she had told Nichole.....and not counting the whole I move in with a perfect stranger, expect to be supported completely while treating the persons supporting me like dirt. Last week she wanted Nichole to co-sign for a bed for rent to own. I refused to be a referrence for either of them, advised Nichole to please step back and look at this person objectively and not to give her money or co-sign for anything.

    Nichole asks me today how to find out if someone is wanted by the police or has a criminal record. I have done it for K and her husband.....but I forget exactly how I did it as someone here had told me how and I'd followed their instructions. So if anyone knows how to go about getting this public records I would appreciate it. Nichole has not yet told me why she wants the info other than she's highly suspicious Jo is wanted and is possibly not even using her real name.

    I'd try to do it, but am swamped with school work and am sick with an absessed tooth. If someone could remind me how, I'll just copy/paste and relay the instructions to her.

    Thanks. And I will be back to the board soon. Living my own personal hades right now with no time to even vent about it.:whiteflag:

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    Thanks skeeter!

    Nichole gave me a bit more info on this Jo person. Evidently for months she's had Nichole's bff picking up money for her at western union stating she doesn't have ID. Guess when the bff got sick of doing it.......or her mom told her to stop.....Jo started having Nichole do it. The money is sent to these girls......not Jo, then they hand it over to her. This girl is a trained computer much training I don't know. Nichole has found 2 seperate names for her and 2 birthdays.....same day/month 2 different yrs.

    I told both Nichole and her bff they need to gather up this information and go down to the police dept in the morning.........tell what's been going on and that they each feel it's suspicious.....and ask them what they think and what they should do. At worst they look stupid, but at least police will know they are 2 naive girls who've been taken in by this woman, not 2 accessories to a potential crime. Bff's Mom gave them the same advice and they're going first thing in the morning.

    Like I explained to Nichole.......there is no reason this Jo should not have an ID, just not that hard to get. Birth certificate/ss card gets you a cheap state ID. Don't have the birth certificate/ss card.....not hard to replace........ Or forget western union and put the cash on a pre paid card and sent it to Jo instead of going thru other people.

    Meanwhile when and if I have some spare time.......I'll help her with the search.....but after speaking with police it may not be necessary. lol Who knows.

    I did pass that on to her skeeter. But after finding out what this woman has the girls doing.........think it's best they just head in and start asking questions.

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    I agree - that does sound very suspicious and Nichole would be wise to really distance herself from it. There's all kinds of scams going around that involve sending money through Western Union and this woman could be involved in something like that.
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    Hmmm, this is fishy sounding for sure.
    Is your daughters bff doing anything about having this woman leave her home? She is within her rights to have her leave and sounds like at minimum she's a leech, and getting her to go would benefit her.
    I hope that they get some answers, but bottom line? She should ask her to leave.
    Glad your D didn't cosign etc. Yikes!
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    Right to the cops with all the info. Nicole doesn't need to get in trouble for things she has no knowledge of, and JO will be caught eventually, maybe even putting the blame on Nicole and bff. Would a jury believe Nicole had no knowlegde of what was happening? They wouldn't believe her if she said that- even if it is true, she'd be in trouble too. But Jo would most likely get off scott free. She seems to have that criminal mind, smart, save my own behind, way of thinking. She found 2 naive young girls doing her dirty work.
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    What is the money for? Who sends it?
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    I know this sounds dramatic :redface: but I watch alot of cop shows (48 hrs. etc.) and I am shocked how often they arrest and convict people who have knowledge of wrongdoing and have not reported their suspicions to law enforcement. These people have not actually "done" anything criminal but "should have suspected illegal actions".

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they take some form of action for their own protection. DDD
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    How did it go with the police?
  10. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member and I must watch the same shows because I am always thinking six steps ahead about alibi's and hairs and DNA. See, I could never commit a crime because I shed hair constantly! I would lead a path straight for my
  11. Hound dog

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    Well just so I don't keep you guys hanging...... Sorry this quarter time is just flying by......and i can't keep track of it.......:tongue:

    Nichole and bff went to the police with all the information they had compiled....bit of web searching popped this Jo person......without alot of effort. They got one of our best local officers, who was patient enough to listen to their entire story. He did some checking.......told the girls he couldn't officially tell them anything but to get away from this Jo as quickly as possible, she's considered dangerous. Thanked the girls for the info they provided......which included the make/model/license plate number of the car she was driving illegally.

    Now cuz she's a difficult child................Nichole tells Jo she went to the police. This Jo asks when they're coming for her.........and Nichole tells her she'd better move fast. So the girl (is not a girl is my age) takes off. Sends some guy to come pick up what few things she left behind. Deletes her facebook accts.

    Girls haven't heard a peep out of this Jo. If not in jail she's probably long gone by now.

    She's got a long track record of such scams all across the country....including fraud, bad checks, animal cruelty, child abuse, drugs........ect ad nauseum.

    So Nichole who had went against my advice and co-signed a rental agreement with Jo at rent a center.......and the bff who had opened a bank account for this Jo....asked the police what to do. He told them how to cancel the contract and close the acct. So neither have been left holding the bag or are going to be charged as accessories to her crimes.:whiteflag:

    Lesson learned for two naive young girls.......and they were very lucky and extremely grateful that they didn't get burned by this person worse than they did. ugh
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    Well, live and learn! Sometimes no matter how much good advice you give them, they just have to find out for themselves and learn the hard way. So glad they got out of it when they did and didn't get caught up in it! But why did Nichole feel obligated to to warn her so she could get away? Can Nichole get in trouble for doing that?
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    oh why do people want to be references for people at rent to own places? Makes no sense to me!

    Cory and Mandy tried to get me to do that and I just laughed. The guy called me and I told him point blank he was stupid if he rented to them but to please act like I was being nice because they were my kids. He said