needing help, not sure what to do next


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At the advice of our difficult child's therapist as well as the advice of her psychiatrist, we are trying to work something out with the school to help get our difficult child some extra help from the school. Ultimately, the psychiatrist and Therapist are pushing for us to remove ourselves from the Schoolwork equation, because it is taking up 7 hours of fighting each and every night she brings it home.

My question is, since she only moved in with us in January, the school she started at the beginning of the year did an IEP on her and she did not qualify for additional services at that time. My problem with this is, number one, I thought that in Illinois, simply HAVING a severe case of ADHD along with all of her behavioral problems was enough to qualify you for at least SOME of their services.... number two, the foster mother she was living with at that time was afraid that she would hurt her own pride by admitting that she could not control our difficult child, so she sugar coated everything and made it sound like all was okay and it wasn't. So since circumstances have changed, am I able to request that the new school DO a new IEP in the same year, or do I have to wait until next year? I have tried talking to various members of her school's staff, and we worked out before that she could have an "open pass" to go visit with her math teacher during study hall if she had specific questions about her homework assignments, but we were hoping that her math teacher would commit to helping her complete the homework assignments as well...and the guidance counselor informed me that our difficult child's math teacher was in charge of PROM for this year and it is getting to be that time, so her math teacher is simply TOO BUSY to make a commitment like that!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS???? Call me crazy, but I really thought that teachers were there know...teach students...when did they become party planners? When I was in school...okay it isn't so bad when I say that, because I am ONLY 23 and my prom was ONLY 5 years ago...the STUDENTS elected a committee of other STUDENTS to plan the event and all the responsible teacher had to do was say yes or no, and that was NOT DONE DURING CLASS TIME........

Anyway, their disinterest in helping us with this, even at the advice of her mental wellness support people, has prompted me to ask the questions regarding the IEP...I KNOW that if they had an idea of what we were really going through to get her schoolwork completed that they would change their minds about not qualifying her.....

Any advice or information would be very appreciated!!! Thanks!


You can only request an evaluation once each year BUT there are also all sorts of rules for transferring students.

I would send a certified letter asking for an evaluation of difficult child's learning and behavior problems. If the SD says, "no, one has been done," then I would ask to have the result reviewed at a meeting in this new SD.

Do you have a complete set of school records? If not, request those also in the certified letter. You have an absolute right (or your husband does) to these records. If the receiving SD has incomplete records, then they have nothing to base a denial of service upon.

Start a really good filing system and remember RULE #1: SEND ALL MAIL TO THE SD CERTIFIED.