Neighbor is dealing drugs (again/still)

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    A few years ago I contacted our local police about a neighbor kid/young adult who I suspected was dealing drugs from his house. Back then, his dad still lived in the house. But every time dad left town, there was a flurry of activity and parties, with cars coming and going at all hours, never staying more than 5 minutes or so.

    At the time of my report to the police, they said they were aware of some activity there and had been watching him for some time. Said I was welcome to phone in license plate numbers and that if activity was stepping up, to call dispatch and let them know and they'd send a car around just in case there was anything that might give them an excuse to stop one of the visitors or investigate the property further.

    Well, life got busy and things seemed to quiet down over there.

    Then the dad moved out a year or two ago. And now it appears that just the guy and his girlfriend live there. He doesn't seem to have a "job" because his truck is always there and I rarely see him leave the house.

    Last year I saw an unmarked police car and two armed plainclothes officers knock on the door with some papers in hand. Perhaps he was being served a warrant?

    At any rate, lately, I've noticed cars stopping by the house again in the middle of the day. And since we live on a cul-de-sac, I KNOW whether or not a car belongs here. On Friday, a car with three 20-somethings stopped at the house. One guy got out and went inside. Another guy inside was rummaging around in the car, and I noticed he was barefoot when he got out. The driver just sat there. Five minutes later when the visitor came out, he was talking very loudly at his buddies in the car, using lots of foul language and acting like some kind of thug. He very dramatically got in the car, slammed the door and they drove off.

    So I decided to call the police again. My old contact has been replaced with someone else, and all I got was voicemail, but I did leave my info and asked him to please call.

    I'm really hoping they respond and that we can get a little closer to closing this guy down. I'm fairly certain that one of his late-night party visitors was the culprit to husband's truck getting broken into and robbed a few years ago.

    This guy is a hermit, but when he does come outside, he gives everyone menacing looks and does a good job of intimidation. His next-door neighbor has told me he's also suspicious of drug dealing over there.

    It's just so lousy having someone like that living so close by. :(
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    Hopefully the police will stay on top of it and take care of it.

    In our last house we had a young couple dealing drugs right next door. The houses were awfully close to each other and we "shared" a driveway. The traffic in and out of the place was all hours and kept Nichole and easy child up at night due to headlights consistently shining in their bedroom windows. I called on them several times. Cops were always watching, but never busted them. They eventually got evicted and moved away.

    We had some down the alley here. The front of their house faces the main street but the traffic was always in the alley. I am pretty sure they got busted as we don't have the traffic anymore and I don't have used needles/syringes showing up randomly in my flower pots outside anymore. ugh!
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    If you really want to help get rid of this I can give you some help. They sell a camera that takes still photo's every so often when movement is noticed. It is really for watching in a hunting situation but could easily be used here. It works on a memory card.

    It is night vision too.

    Just set it up somewhere on your property facing his driveway so you can get the license plates and let it go. Just check the memory card daily to get rid of stuff not useful.
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    I am so sorry. It just makes you feel unsafe to know that is going on nearby. It would make it hard for me to let my kids go explore the neighborhood. We lived in an apartment above a welfare mom and her drug dealing thug of a boyfriend. He was VERY scary. She was always stoned looking an out of it. We used to hear the kids crying and her oldest son (5yo or so) crying and begging to not have to go into the closet or to be let out of the closet. For hours and hours on end. CPS wouldn't even come out. Nor would the cops. in my opinion they were paying off the cops because about once a week a squad car came by and an officer went in for about 3-4 minutes and came out.

    I finally got some black candles, brushed up on some Latin from high school, put on a black dress and went out with-my mom to do a "voodoo" "black magic" ceremony on the lawn right outside. We said things like "The farmer is in the forest" and "Your mother wears army sandals" in Latin while I burned the candles, tossed some sage on the flames, drank fruit punch out of a goblet and then danced around.

    They gave my family very little trouble after that. We moved out as soon as we could and carried pepper spray until then.

    Do you happen to have any friends in law enforcement? If you know any of the cops, maybe offer them homemade cookies or salsa or something if they will stop by for a "chat" every week or so. My uncle ran some druggies away from his neighborhood by having his buddies who were cops come visit at all hours.

    Drug dealers hoover.
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I like the camera idea... but he's on the same side of the street as me, so not sure if I can find a suitable spot in my front yard that would be both inconspicuous and effective. Ironically, a neighbor across from me works for the sherriff's department in another county. I know he has surveillance on his property, so maybe he's already got something for the front of the house, since he's at a better vantage point than me... I should go talk to him. He may not even be aware of the situation because he hasn't lived here as long as I have.

    Still no call back from the vice dept. today. I may send an email -- I got a quick response from that before.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Susie, your story is hysterical! Don't know that I'm brave enough to draw that kind of attention to myself...
  7. I have a friend who experienced the same situation. She called the local precinct and asked if she could talk to an officer about her "hunch".

    The precinct had someone who specialized in that kind of thing. The officer asked if he could have her permission to park an unmarked car in her driveway and observe. She gladly said yes.

    The police obtained enough evidence from the unmarked car in her driveway to put the dealer for a very long time!