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    I think we are finally getting somewhere!

    difficult child called. Calm. Polite.

    Mentioned he was on anti-anxiety medication and on anti-depressant....norpramin. Looked it up. It also treats adhd which difficult child was diagnosed with starting at age 3. Said it is often used in rehabs to treat dual-diagnoses of addiction and depression.

    praying this is right medication. my momma's gut has been telling me for a long time that difficult child has more than just addiction.

    time will tell. I know the crazy, hateful one can show up again at any moment. But for today, i am grateful he was nice.
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    Once in a while we get a nice surprise when we are close to giving up or expect the worst and we get a glimpse of our beloved child instead of our difficult child.

    I am so happy for you!!!! And I hope this continues! Maybe the road was so bumpy because it was leading you to the right treatment for him.

    I got a glimpse of my child too today when I was least expecting it. It sure changes your stress level!

    Crossing fingers for us all... First TLs son called, now your son was nice and my son showed some humility...I hope it's the beginning of a board trend and the beginning of a less stressful period for the SA moms... We could ALL use it. And I always am amazed by how our ups and downs coincide.

    Hoping for more "ups"
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    I am delighted for you, Sig.

    hmmmm, and I think it's a full moon!
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    Depression is ugly - really ugly.
    And for some reason... uglier in young men.

    If they can deal with THAT... it's HUGE.