Not feeling so alone anymore...

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Hello out there........
I'm not too sure how to do this...........I have never been a member of an online support group before......I'm also not sure what I'm looking for......I guess maybe some understanding, wisdom .......
My son is currently in a psychiatric hospital......He has been there 14 days and still no signs of stability .........this is his 4th saty in a little over a year having spent 5months in a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) ...........I'm feeling extremely frustrated. And soooo sooo SAD. I'm not sure if after having read some of these pages I feel relief at not being so alone, or if I feel more sadness at the raw deal so many of us have been dealt........
Feels kind of like a journal...........
In a small way I feel a little better...........but, just a little..........


Welcome from a fellow Marylander. Hope you'll stick around to experience the wonderful support of the parents who frequent this message board.

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His moods were pretty up and down for about a month.....He is in a self contained classroom....He had a really bad day at school that day, trying to cut himself with scissors and being aggressive to his teachers and had to be held twice......His teacher put him on his bus at the days end.....He did not come home after being dropped off......2 1/2 hours later we received a call from another police station that they had found him running along highway.....would not give any info.... When I got to the police staion he was acting very bizzare, talking wierd, talking over his shoulder, kicking, screaming he wasnt going anywhere with me....was brought by PO to the Emergency room and was admitted inpatient next day.........

Thanks for the welcome, it was nice seeing a reply so quickly...


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Hi and welcome! You are definitely not alone.

It's beyond awful to see our kids so ill. Somehow, when my thank you would meltdown outside the home, it seemed 10 times worse to me. But... It sounds like things were handled well by the police and your son is in a safe place now. I hope they're able to get him stabilized soon.

I'm so glad you found us!


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Yes, I agree - it seems like people reacted appropriately to your difficult child and his actions. Well, maybe not have put him on the bus if he was unstable, but at least he is safe right now.
Believe me, I have read about similar stories where no help was given whatsoever!

Can you elaborate on what each of his medications is for? What symptoms they are to treat?


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I'm so is very sad. I said today being a parent has got to be the hardest thing I've ever done.

Welcome to the boards...everyone here has been so wonderful to me (also new) and the support does feel very good.

Take care


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Welcome. You will find people here who really can connect with what you're going through. it sounds like (apart from the bus, maybe) things and people worked together to help your son quickly get to where he needed to be.

I envy you - we don't have that here in Australia. A child behaving in such an unbalanced way MIGHT get admitted to hospital, for a day or two, I've been told.

Many of us here are dealing with different problems. A lot of our issues overlap and we can all support one another within our own experiences. You are definitely NOT alone!


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I'm glad you found us. I'm sorry for your son's hospitalization but he is in the right and safe place. You will find much support from a wonderful group of people who understand. This place has been a lifesaver for me. Be sure to take some time to take care of you. Hugs.

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Welcome m-g-t,

I'm sorry that your difficult child is so very unstable. It's so hard watching our children in that state. I'm glad that he's in the hospital & that he's safe. Are you taking this time to regroup?

Again welcome - if nothing else this group of parents is one big cyber shoulder for you to lean on.

Take care & keep us updated on your difficult child.


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I'm also sorry your son is so ill. medications like Lithium (mood stabilizers) take eight weeks to kick in. Also, it needs to be at a therapeutic level in his body. Do you know his lithium level? What is primozine? I hope he stabilizes before he leaves. Hugs.


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Hi and welcome. I'm glad you found us but sorry you needed to. I am a military spouse too and we are actually lucky to have Tricare - it is one of the few insurances that will pay for Residential Treatment Center (RTC). (Found this out the hard way!)

Make sure your sponsor is in the Army-equivalent of the exceptional family member program so that you don't get transferred to some remote place without adequate mental health care.

Take care of yourself and your hubby as well as your other kids too.


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I just want to add my welcome to you this morning. You have found a place of great support. If we can make this journey a little easier by showing you that you are not alone, we're glad to be of help.



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Just adding in anotther "Welcome to the board!" You've found a wonderful, helpful bunch here. I'm sorry your son is so ill, but hopefully now he's safe and they can work on getting him stable. :::Hugs:::

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Hello. I just wanted to add my warm welcome! :grin:

I'm glad everyone reacted appropriately and your son is in a safe place now. That's how I had to think of the hospital. A safe place.

Be sure to take some time while difficult child is in hospital to rest and regroup. You need to take care of you, too.


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I am absolutely overwhelmed with all your warm replies......I am moved to tears!
Thank you for the welcomes!!!

a little more about Tyler(difficult child) He is taking lithium for the Borderline (BPD) was also taking Seroquel for Borderline (BPD) but after talking to Dr. this morning we will be trying Abilify instead......He is taking Clonidine and also Pimozide (orap) for Tourette's Syndrome

I am leaving soon for a visit to the hospital, I hope you all have a good day.........
Hi and welcome to this wonderful shelter from the storm. I am sorry you have to be here, but hope you find some support and acceptance.

Hugs of welcome,


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A BIG WELCOME & HUG for you! You have landed in a great spot. This place is full of wise, warm, caring individuals who are always here for you. I am sorry you are going through this but as you said, you truly are NO LONGER ALONE.



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hi and welcome and tell your hubby thanks for being there for us! thank you too for the sacrifices you make daily having a man in uniform.

your son will be able to get help in the hospital. they can tweak his medications, find out what more can be done for his good.

hang in there, a lot of us have had similar stuff happen. we are still uh sitting here typing. God bless!