Not sure if this calls for a groan or a Homer D'oh

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Mom2oddson, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Picked up Ant on Saturday so that he could stay with us for Easter. Early Saturday, we saw Ant's sponsor and he said when we see Ant to have him give him a call. So, I picked up Ant and gave him the message. Then I asked how he was doing with the staying clean and sober. He says..."I have no problem not drinking. I do smoke pot once in a while but that's no big deal"....

    Groan or D'OH?? Or :hammer:

    Two steps forward, one GIANT step backwards. I haven't even finished paying off his first rehab and he's being stupid again. Oh well....this is life with a difficult child. On the bright side, he's still doing great at his job.
  2. Star*

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    Well if you're going to groan -sounds like you better do it like Tommy Chong.

    Hang in there Mom at least you haven't lost your senseamillion of humor. D'oh did I say that?
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    Oh good grief. :clubbing:

    Guess a person can talk themselves into just about anything. ugh

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    I love how they pick and choose what they consider to be clean and sober and it's never seems to be what we would consider to be clean and sober. OY!!!
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    I think you are bogarting this thread.