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    Normally I acknowledge one 4:30 per day and the one before the sun is up isn't it, but Angel & I got up this morning and did a road trip to help another TNR caregiver.

    It turns out that people have been dumping cats behind a paint/ body shop. I'm kind of disgusted with some of the stuff I saw while tromping around in the woods looking for cats, cat carriers stuck in trees where people had literally chucked them.

    The good news is I met some great people today and of the 4 kittens we got, 3 already have homes the 4th is at the vet's office getting his icky eye and respiratory issues attended to; also we've got 11 reproducing adults in surgery "Woo Hoo!!!"

    Still got 5 that I know of still roaming that we didn't get but we aren't done yet; and we are going to keep monitoring that area periodically to make sure to neuter any new arrivals to the colony.

    MEN!!! good grief LOL OK I understand playing with the kitty's on their lunch hour makes going to work fun but they actually had tears in their eyes when they asked if we could leave one unaltered male & one female so they can have future kittens UGH!

    The shelter worker who came to help us gave them a cold "no we don't do that" and walked away; I smiled and assured them that try as we might we don't get them all and there are ALWAYS kittens available (more then there are homes for them) Exchanged email addy's with both of them.

    Mean old shelter lady started to scold me and I shut her right down. I pointed out if she had listened to them those 2 love kittens but don't want to deal with long term permanent pet ownership. Both stated to me they would be happy to foster female ferals that have kittens nursing too young for adoption.

    As a TNR caregiver we love people like this because we are constantly put in situations where we take the mom in and get her fixed - if release her we are stuck feeding kittens with eye droppers and socializing them until they are 8 weeks fixed and ready for adoption or we have a feral mother cat living in a cage in our house nursing her kittens till they are of age.

    Fixing a female DOES NOT stop her milk. Before releasing a lactating female we will check around for others going the eye dropper method and loan her to them, she gets a home (even if temporary) and we get to sleep (nursing kittens like to eat every 2 hours)

    I figured after all the years of you all listening to me whining about my kids I would share this happy moment with you ... made 3 new friends, 3 kittens found homes instead of growing up behind a paint shop, 1 kitten got some much needed veterinary work, found 2 future fosters (the one was cute wonder if he's single? wink wink) & 11 adult cats are getting neutered, rabies vaccines, ear tipped & tummy tattoo's (can you tell I'm doing happy dance in my chair?)

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    Wonderful work Nancy, our little fur babies need all the support they can get!