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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by SocRocks, Feb 7, 2012.

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    difficult child 3's neurodoc does not like the fact that we cannot get into NeuroPsy until June. So they called around and sent over paperwork, after calling this place in my hometown, and made sure they do the testing. I call that place and they tell me yeah we do it, just not on children. I am thinking WTH why did you tell a Children's Hospital that you did. DUH!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways I did find a place that will do it, and they can start the process this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now just waiting for Neuro to fax over the request! Yahhhh I am so happy, but on another note about the sleeping issue they told me to tell his PCP to try Trazadone or Remeron instead of the clondine. Thanks so much for all your help I am working on that Diary, for my beautiful baby boy!!!!!!
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    I waited 6 months for an appointment with a neuropsychologist and it was, in our case, soooooo wroth the wait. The GOOD ones usually do have a waiting list. I waited for the GOOD one. Hope the one you will be seeing is good.
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    Right now its this or nothing!!!!! He can't wait til June! neither can I .I did the research on him, he has been practicing for about 15 years or more and the place we are going to has been around since I was little. They said that first we meet with him ourselves before he does any testing. He wants to know all about difficult child 3.
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    Slow down. Breathe. One breath at a time.
    Its hard, I know. We so often feel like we can't take another day of this... and yet, we do.
    We get through it somehow.

    It is never "this or nothing". This may work - or not - or it may be part of the answer.
    Your son is "only" 4. Some answers will not come until later. But if you can start getting some of the answers, it will really help.

    This neuropsychologist you're going to see, is at least starting with the right approach - its not a turn-style, in-and-out process... he wants INFO, and he wants it from YOU.

    If you haven't started a parent report yet, please do.
    Its actually documented on the Site Help and Resources forum, but I have trouble finding it there so I just look for susiestar's posts... the link is in her signature!
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    thank you
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    Hi SocRocks, I have to echo the sentiments here ... slow down. Breathe. This is the beginning of a long road, not the total diagnosis and Then We All Live Happily Ever After. Still, it's definitely a step in the right direction.
    As to why they told the children's hospital that they did treat children ... I don't think they actually worded it that way. In my experience, it's simply that A) no one posed the question directly, or B) It wasn't phrased exactly that way, or C) both. It's sort of like the old time skit, "Does your dog bite?"
    This is the type of bureaucratic S^(@@7 that you will encounter for the next 17 yrs.
    Just so you can be prepared ... ;)