One mutha of a migraine

So the twins who live in our building are here. Their brother got hurt, and his mom took him to the ER for stitches, so I am keeping an eye on the girls. They are about 6 months older than difficult child. It is my opinion that they may be difficult children too, but if not, they are at least wierd in that "twinny" way. Like they have their own made up language, and they feed off eachother and start crying out of nowhere about their brother being hurt. Anyways. They are so. friggin. loud. DOn't have enough Excedrin to kill this monster headache.

Just a rant. Hope they sew that kid up soon.


I hear ya. Hope your head feels better soon. Girls are just so much louder than boys. I think it's the pitch not the volume.
Agreed, it is the pitch.

Gotta add some humor here, although I am incriminating myself and showing my own lack of social graces...OK, I am a Diet Pepsi freak. And it makes me burp. And in my own home, I let them rip. To the point where is rattles the windows. Well, Pixie is used to it. The twins are not. Knowing this, I wait for a quiet moment...and let one fly. Scares the bejesus out of them, then they laugh. And Pixie goes "what? what's so funny?"

Yup. I am easily amused.


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Well, it could be worse. You are doing a good deed for a neighbor, and you never know when you will need a favor. Plus they are entertainment for difficult child. Of course you are having fun burping! And think of what they'll tell their mom!:0-Alyssa