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    Apparently Wiz had quite the escapade with his new girlfriend last Sunday. The girl, M, and her bro, G, came over so my parents could meet them. They stayed for dinner and had a nice time. M is in the automotives program and Wiz' program is the only other one in the building, so they see each other in the common areas quite a bit.

    The bro, G, is in the military and home on leave. He was with them because M wanted to spend some time with him before he leaves.

    Then they went to M's house so they could meet Wiz. That went over very well. Wiz is great to take to meet parents, LOL!

    M and her parents live in a house on some property. There is another house that G lives on on the same property. They were hanging out at G's house when some friends called and said they were stuck in the mud somewhere. They all piled in and went to help. They got stuck in the mud too.

    They were over near the junior high. M got stung by some sand bees. Instead of calling her parents, Wiz called his best friend, Ari (a girl but just a friend) to take them to the ER while G stayed with the truck.

    At this point Wiz did call my parents. Said they were at the ER cause she had a reaction to some bee stings.

    After all this has happened then M's parents got called. They came and questioned the whole thing. Apparently M was not supposed to leave after they took Wiz home, which was supposed to be a couple of hours earlier. Plus the problem could probably have been treated with some benadryl, saving the cost of the ER visit.

    So he had an exciting night, LOL!

    On Monday he had the nerve to ask my mom to let him sleep in and then drive him to school because he was out so late. Nope. That didn't fly, LOL!

    Young love. Kills brain cells. ROFL!!!!!

    I cannot wait to meet her. I have NOT told Jessie and thank you about it. He doesn't need to be teased by them yet.
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    Geez...!! I thought you were going to say they went out having fun half the night or something. This is a real adventure- and it doesn't sound so fun!