Over my head and in shock!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Mom2oddson, Feb 24, 2009.

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    It's been a long time since my last visit to Conduct Disorders. My difficult child moved out 17 months ago and hasn't been a problem for us. Life was going good.

    There were little things....daughter was having attitude problems. A lot of them seems to go with the friends she was hanging with. She ended up getting grounded. She couldn't go anywhere but her friends could come over to our house. The fact that they never did should have been a red flag. We didn't like that daughter was getting failing everything so this past fall we sent her to a private school. daughter throw a huge fit that lasted months. She even threatened suicide. Had the doctor check her BiPolar (BP) medications and things seemed fine.

    Guess we were just blind to everything..... Friday daughter let us know about her drug problems. Guess the majority of times at school she was getting high. We cut her off some when we grounded her and that is why her friends won't come over to our house.

    Then sending her to a private school really ended her supply. She confessed to having stuff delivered to her when we haven't been home.

    The school she is in know is good for her. Her two good friends there did an intervention on her and had her talk to the school Pastor. Then she had to tell us.

    I don't know how to deal with this at all.

    She's not to the point of having to use it all the time. But she's mad that she'll never be able to do it again. I'm confused on what the right things to do are.

    Right now I'm still between shock and denial. Out of my three kids this is the LAST one I would have thought this could happen to.

    Any advice?
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    (((( ))))). One day at a time. Get yourself to Al-Anon and Nami would be very helpful also. Your daughter has bipolar. Subatance abuse pretty much goes hand and hand. Will your daughter attend NA? Compassion
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    She can use again if she wants to, even at her new school. We homeschooled my daughter and monitored who she talked to or saw and kept her home most of the time, but she STILL managed to get out and use drugs, often late at night after we were sleeping. You're lucky that your daughter at least has some good friends and is asking for help. I'd get her into treatment. Even if she's not addicted, she was using. That is especially dangerous for somebody with bipolar (and also common). I wouldn't look at it as a past event that won't happen again. I'd get very proactive NOW. Peer pressure is powerful and I'd keep her from malls and skating rinks for right now--wait until she is in therapy with somebody really REALLY good--some therapists are easy to fool. Consider yourself lucky that she told you, kiss her friends, and hope for the best. (((Hugs)))
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    My daughter will be attending her first NA this weekend. She's not too thrilled but husband isn't giving her much choice. He's been clean since July '95. He's attending with her. And she does have someone to talk who has been there/done that. Hopefully she listens.

    I'll find out when the other two meet and attend.

    I didn't realize that it goes hand in hand this BiPolar.

    I'm just hoping that we can shake off this depression. I know it's all part of the cycle. But right now surviving work is more than I can handle today.

    Guess I better go look for my rhino-skin and Warrior Mom Armor. I've got it around here somewhere.

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    Here ya go

    Hang in there, it sounds like you may have caught this early and she is willing to cooperate. I'm sorry your mommy heart is broken.

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    So sorry that you are dealing with this. NA meetings are a good start as is therapy. -RM