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    We have an appointment with- our 3- year old's pediatrician on Friday, and we will be asking for a referal for a neuropsychologist evaluation. I am very anxious about this, and also very hopeful.

    husband and I will discuss our concerns about our little guy's development, and I also have a letter from his teacher to give him insight into what our son's school days are like. The letter is pretty good, I think it displays a lot of what we see at home. She put a lot of emphasis on the fact that he is a very high energy child, always running indoors and out, and very hyperactive. She also put things in there about him not being appropriate with- peers... knocking over their towers and projects, clearing toys of tables onto the floor. Towards the end she talked about how he usually responds well to deep pressure, joint compressions, as well as other sensory input. I wish I could just post the letter on here, but I'm not sure if that would be allowed? I would not put names, places, etc. in it.

    What husband and I observe with- our son, and his teacher's letter, do you think that will be sufficient for the doctor to give the referal? My fear is that he will just assume ADHD, and want to try stims. We do not want him on medication at this young of an age. I did the brainchild test, (I think that's what it's called), through a link posted on here, and result was mild Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified. My instincts tell me that this is probably pretty accurate, he displays some signs of autism. Are there any suggestions for anything else I could bring to the doctor that would be helpful?
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    NeuroPsychs do their own intensive testing so you don't have to tell them much. They will probably have you fill out a lot of forms, but, unlike other diagnosticians, they actually put the child through a bunch of task-oriented tests to try to see his function on every level (not just intelligence, but also behavior). in my opinion it's far different and better than just talking to a psychiatric who often (in our experience) pulls out the prescription pad after 50 minutes and doesn't really try to test to see where the child is deficient or strong or what is wrong. My son's neuropsychologist didn't want any notes from anywhere because he wanted a fresh perspective with no tainting. He tested my son for ten hours in two hour increments. It's much more involved than just going to a psychiatric and talking to him. If you want, call the office and ask what this particular doctor would like you to bring (if anything). Good luck! You are on the right track.
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    If you'd like to post the letter without names that would be okay. I can delete the contents later.

    Take a printout of the childbrain test along as well.
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    I will cross my fingers that you get the referral! Otherwise, would you consider going to the neuropsychologist on your own without the referral? I suppose it would be very expensive.

    in my opinion, you are on the right track, as I hear the neuropsychologist evaluation is comprehensive -- something I wish I would have pursued many years ago when my son started to experience challenges in school, at home, etc.; I think "things could have turned out differently for difficult child" had we known about/gone that route.

    Anyway, I wish you much luck and commend you for being an informed and observant mom. Keep us posted!
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    Okay.. referral..two R's! LOL (I was tired last night... it was late, sorry for the incorrect spelling.)

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, I am shooting for a neurospych evaluation as from what I've read, it is the best. I want the most thorough evaluation possible. Thanks for wishing the good luck, ladies:D Here in Wisconsin there are two doctors who do the neorospsych evaluation, and they both have waiting lists, so it will probably be awhile before he actually gets it, but I need the referral for insurance reasons. With me being laid off, and us living mostly on husband's take home pay.. things are tight financially.

    Here is the letter that our son's teacher wrote for the appointment with- the pediatrician.

    I have had xxxxx in my PM Early Childhood class for the past five months. He currently has an IEP which includes Early Childhood and Speech/ Language Therapy.

    xxxxx is a very high energy child. He displays many impulsive behaviors such as; running both inside and outside, climbing on top of and jumping off tables and chairs in the classroom, running into peers, knocking over towers that other children have built, clearing a table full of toys, and then running. He grabs toys and other objects from children and laughs.

    During circle time in the classroom, he requires 1:1 attention in order to keep him seated with the group. He has frequent vocal outbursts which are disruptive to the entire group. He will spring from his chair, and run over to bother another child. xxxxx is not mean to anyone, and would never intentionally hurt anyone. He cannot monitor his own activity level.

    It is very difficult for him to maintain his attention with any projects, books or puzzles. When working with xxxxx in a 1:1 situation, he can be very sweet and will cooperate most of the time. Since the majority of work within a typical classroom is done within a group, I have concerns for xxxxx as he enters Kindergarten and beyond.

    He will usually respond well to sensory input; deep pressure, joint compressions, swinging, walking, bouncing on a ball, or being allowed time to just "run off steam" in the gym.

    xxxxx is an adorable, likeable child, but his inability to monitor his activity level could make it hard for him to make and maintain friendships. He is lucky in that, he has very loving, supportive parents who are more than willing to work with us. They truly want to help their son succeed in all settings.

    I would be happy to talk with you, or complete any forms, etc. that may be helpful in working with xxxxx and his parents.

    Feel free to call me at xxxxxxxx school any weekday.

    So that is the letter. Do you think it will be good enough with- the letter, and our observations and concerns to get a referral?
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    That is a well written and informative letter. I would think it would be a plus in getting the referral; however, I am no expert.

    Just thought I'd add my (not very helpful) two cents with best wishes for you and your son. :D

    Let us know what happens on Friday.
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    Thanks Marilynne! I will post tomorrow evening and let evryone know how it went.

    SRL- I forgot to say this earlier, I will bring the childbrain test with- me also. Good suggestion!
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    Just a quick update- Everything went very well at the appointment, and we got a refferal!:D
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    Very good! Keep us posted!
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    Great news! Keep us posted. :goodluck:
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    I think I finally got the ball rolling! First off, I called the number the doctor gave me for Madison. My husband was told by a friend that Madison was better, because they're more personal. According to this friend she said in Milwaulkee they treat you more like just a number. Well, I had no luck getting a hold of anyone in Madison who seemed knowledgable at all! I got transfered through 4 different people, wound up at a woman's voicemail, and left a message. My call was never returned.

    Today I called Milwaulkee. I talked to a woman at the call center, who was very kind and helpful. She called and spoke to somone at the Child Development Center, and suggested we go with- Neurology, shorter wait, 8 weeks. So she had me give pediatrician's fax number, so he can send out a form to them. I think I'm on the right track now? I hope I am!