Picture of my granddaughter


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I got parental permission from my kiddos to show her to you.



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'Thanks. She kept me up all night...lol. I told the kids to go to sleep. She's a very good baby, seems very healthy and strong, but she likes to be held and her parents won't sleep in bed with her (dangerous...could roll over her) so basically to get her to sleep she is held. It was very unreal to hold this precious little girl who reminds me so much of my daughter, only I didn't get to hold my daughter until she was five months old. Honestly, she doesn't look like Dad at all....yet...but Dad is good with that :) Her eyes, when open, are huge and black and very focused for an infant. I am over the moon with happiness.

I was there the night of July 4th when soooooooooo many people shoot off fireworks, although legally they aren't supposed to (it's not strongly enforced). I thought she'd get scared by the loud noises, but she didn't startle at all. Then my adult kiddos asked if I'd mind if they went out back to shoot off a few fireworks and I told them to go and she was fine.

Julie and Geoff are not going to get much sleep as the baby will cry if she isn't being held and neither have the heart to let her cry. Since I'm a big proponent of attachment parenting (as in you don't let a baby cry and you can't hold them enough..they need it) I agree. I told them if they are exhausted to just call 911 Grandma and I'll come out anytime to give them a rest.

In a very selfish way, it was perfect timing. With Sonic in his own place now, although he calls a lot and we see him, and with Jumper headed off to college, this little baby can let me fuss over a child without being a mother again.


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She's beautiful and I can hear your love and pride through your words! Congrats again on this wonderful addition to your family.


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Thank you. I think that part of it is that it took me so long to have a grandchild I could actually be near. 36's ex never let me hold my grandson or see him much and then they moved so it is sort of like not having a grandson. This is different. Way different.


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Simply Beautiful!

Tell the kids not to worry so much about the baby sleeping with them. All of mine slept with me and all of the grands have slept with their assorted keepers and all are still alive and kicking! Even a tiny baby will make a sound if someone rolls over on them.

Funny story...we say Jamie stopped sleeping with us when he left for the Marines...lol. Even when he got leave he would often get to our house in the middle of the night and we would wake up to him crawling into our king size bed with us!


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Precious little baby girl! I am praying that from somebody I get a baby granddaughter one day, since I had two boys! I told everybody if they have a little girl and name her Laura Elizabeth (the most beautiful name in the world, to me) I will send her to medical school. Lol!

I love that dark hair and rosebud mouth, MWM.

I'm still voting for GG! Love that name!

So glad you have this joy in your life.


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She is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations again. What fun to hold and cuddle her even if it keeps you up all night :)