Please Pray For My Dad


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My Dad fell and hit his head while on a walk last night. He got stitches and then the ER found a small brain bleed. I just found out when Wiz came to tell me because I was sleeping off a migraine after taking my youngest to his 1:30 am bus for his trip to Disney for school.

At first they were just going to keep Dad for tonight, but now they want to keep him for another night. The only Grandpa I knew died of a brain bleed. I am very scared but trying not to go there. I am glad he is in a VERY good hospital in the city.

Thank you in advance for all of the prayers and good wishes. I will update when I can.


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I am sending prayers for your dad that he be well and for you that you will receive reassurance very soon that he is recovering and no longer have to worry.
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How's your dad doing, Susie? If it's a minor bleed, he might do just fine. This isn't uncommon in older people who take a good knock to the head.

I hope you are hanging in there. Please keep us posted on how you and he are doing.



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UPDATE: My Dad came home today!!! His face is a total mess, which is expected when you fall face first into a fire hydrant. We are still waiting to hear from a radiologist, but several neurologists and neurosurgeons read the scans and said he was fine to come home.

Rather than visiting him in the hospital, I made homemade chicken noodle soup and homemade tapioca for him. He broke a tooth, so he is having trouble with things that are hard to eat. I made enough for my parents, for my house, and even for my brother to take home. Dad actually thanked me for not coming to the hospital. He didn't want anyone to come there except my Mom. He always feels he has to entertain us when he is in the hospital. So I am glad I did not go.

Thank you all for the prayers and good wishes. They mean a lot to me.