psychiatrist actually called back for our weekly meeting!!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Well psychiatrist3 (our new one from the psychiatric hospital) has set up weekly report calls. So I called, he was busy. Well he actually called me back!!!
We discussed how K is doing, medication wise and emotionally. I told him I think she is doing great! She has slid a bit, but nothing like before. We have had a few episodes, a bit of violence.
The roller coaster was at about an 8-9 prior to psychiatric hospital, now I would say it is about a 5. Not perfect but not the worst.
We are increasing Lamictal ,Strattera & Prazosin.
The tough love approach is working really well for K, she strict boundaries with a soft touch. She really needs to know what we are and are not putting up with. The rewards and charts just do not work with her. It is kind of a pain when I am not in the mood to deal with it or just really want to give in, but I am seeing progress, so I know I have to stick to it. And she seems happier!
Less anxiety also!
It is so nice to have a psychiatrist who listens and calls you back and is actually in the picture!!!

We are crossing our fingers that we may not have to move!!!

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Glad to hear psychiatrist is following up! It's great to hear you are seeing improvements!


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I'm glad he called you back. It's nice to have a doctor that cares, isn't it? You deserve it, that's for sure.