Psychic/Medium, Starting Over and All That Jazz


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
I went to my psychic/medium appointment last night.

She hit on a lot of things especially about my in-laws who both died about six years ago. She was so on point with them that it was really chilling to both my husband and I. No way she could have known this stuff. She let me know that my mother, whose been dead for 40 years and was an alcoholic, is watching over our Difficult Child. Mainly because she was not successful beating her addiction.

Some things she said that I cannot connect to now but maybe will in time.

Incidentally my Difficult Child left me a message right before my appointment to call him in detox. He then called me back and we chatted for a bit - this is the first time we talked in a month since I felt he was using and being deceptive and had blocked him. He told me that he was going to stay in rehab and sober living. This is what we told him we wanted for him and would support.

He also said that he used because he was lonely and had too much time on his hands. I understand this feeling but those are excuses and that is what I told him. My major problem is that he needs to accept and get to the bottom of WHY he does this. Addict. Fine. Move on. I'll accept that but it needs to be worked through. He then said "thank you for talking to me". And we said I love you. It broke my heart.

The psychic asked me the birthdays of my children. When Difficult Child came up she immediately said he has anxiety and that he does things in his time. I immediately started bawling. I had not wanted to do that but I think the call from him right before the session did me in. I then told her about his addiction and that I was afraid it would kill him. I just couldn't beat around the bush. It was too raw.

She told me that she did not see my son passing but there would be a lot more setbacks for him. That this could go on for many more years - said she sees possibly the age of 27. (Good Lord it'll kill me). She said he hates to be alone and should not be alone (reinforces sober living support). Also that he would not do well in Illinois climate (reinforces living in Florida).

She said he is very intelligent and very sensitive and feels things at a higher level which adds to the anxiety. I agree with all of this. That he needs a mentor. We both agreed he had not met this person yet. That we should continue to push him forward with school.

She also gave me some advice on other people in my life that I felt was sound. Also information about my husband and his health that were right on.

So for right now he made the decision to do as we had hoped he would do. We will support him in this decision. We have a lot to work out now since he was in a college class and now what happens among other things. He was doing well for 8 months before this and that is something. Now he is starting over once again.


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Interesting reading, RN. I haven't had a reading for years. The woman I was going to moved to the coast, and I haven't found anyone else. Glad you were able to get validation.


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Thinking of you.... I don't know what I would do if I was told I have "x" many more years to go....

I haven't been on here in a while, and I apologize for not being here for you. I think having our son move home has been harder on me then I have admitted. Being on here confirms things are not good. Hard reality.


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Thinking about you RN. I can't imagine so many more years of this, but we have endured so many thus far. Our responsibility and involvement should lessen over time, at least that is what I hope, even if they are still struggling. I hope you have a peaceful Easter weekend!