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    Ah the ups and downs of this life with my difficult child!!! So yesterday he called and hadn't slept and so wasn't going to go the hospital program he was in. I talked to them and he said he had skipped a urine test they wanted and then didn't come in.... so he needed to come in for the urine test or he would be out of the program. I called and told him that.... and he agreed to go in for it. When I picked him up he looked awful. He said his medications had been stolen at the sober house (great huh) and so he hadn't taken them for 3 days!!! And he wasn't able to sleep.

    So I took him and told me to let me know what was going on, if he was going to stay for the day or not that I would wait for him. I waited a couple of hours in the car... he texted me a couple of times. Finally I was getting hot and was going to find him or go to the cafeteria and the social worker called me. She had talked to him and he was being readmitted. He wanted to do it on his own and not have me there... and he didn't want her to tell me the reasons why!!!

    So I went over said goodbye, gave him a hug and left. I am wondering what is going on but am very releived he is there and still seems to want help. It has become clear to me there are some serious mental health issues as well as substance abuse going on with him..... I am just praying he will continue to get the help he needs... without it he is going to be really lost.

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    Ahm, this is HUGE!!!!!! He's doing this ON HIS OWN. Like 100% As much as the mom in you wants to know what's going on, I think it's a much better indicator that he's looking for serious help without leaning on you and having you lead the way. I hope he continues on this path.
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    I agree that this is a BIG deal .. he admitted himself on his own, fully his decision. I know it's hard to sit on your hands and not try to call and find out the "why" .. but this is a good thing, and he's in a safe place.

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    Sounds like this has major potential for his personal growth. You played your supportive role just perfectly. Fingers crossed that he is ready to face himself in the mirror. Hugs. DDD
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    Good news, definitely a step forward :)
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    He maybe having some severe withdrawal symptoms and doesn't want you to know. This roller coaster ride takes a big toll on everyone. This is a critical time for him, I hope he stays in the program.

    When did he skip the urine test and not go in? Don't you take him and pick him up every day?

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    He skipped the urine test on Wednesday and then called me and told me he wasn't going in yesterday... I left a message for the SW and she called me back and said he had to make it in for the urine test yesterday or he would not be able to continue the program... so I took him in. I actually am now wondering if it was a totally voluntary admission.. they may have looked at him and told him they would commit him if he didn't commit himself. Not sure.

    And you may be right that he is withdrawing from something. I went to see him today and to bring him his stuff. He was in bed, had been sleeping and was pretty out of it. He did talk to me for a moment but when I asked if he wanted me to leave so he could sleep he said "please". At least he was polite. I suppose if he really didn't sleep for 4 days that couuld happen, but I can't figure out why he couldn't sleep.... it was either mega caffine or drugs.

    I hope to see him this weekend and see some improvement. No matter how he got there I am glad he is there and he is safe. And even if he was committed involuntarily at least it wasn't me who initiated it.

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    or... withdrawal symptoms. Some drugs are stored in body fat, and when that fat gets used by the body, the drugs are then active again in the system... it took my bro about 3 years to burn off the body-fat "trips". If that's what it is, though, there are ways for the hospital to tell the difference.
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    Well if he stopped his psychiatric medications cold turkey because they were really stolen then maybe that is what happened.... he doesn't have much body fat to store anything though!!

    However there is something he didn't want them to tell me.

    I am just going to have to wait and see.... the state he is in, he is in no shape for any meaningful communication. It does seem to be some kind of drug reaction, either to stuff he took or stuff he is withdrawing from. They don't have him on the detox unit so that makes me think he is not withdrawing from major hard core drug use.

    But in any case he is a in place where they will keep an eye on him and make sure he stays safe.

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    hugs to you. It is wonderful that he admitted himself.
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    I'm crossing all body parts. I saw this physical reaction a lot when difficult child was in the treatment center. For whatever reason their bodies are going through a lot and sometimes they sleep for days. Alsdo they may be giving him something to relax him or ease the withdrawal if that's what it is.