Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or Girls' School in Indiana

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    Well... we (FINALLY) had our meeting with difficult child 1's Probation officer regarding her truancy from school. As I mentioned in previous post, she is not on probation, but the POs in our county serve as the Truancy officers also.
    Although it was made very clear to difficult child at the start of her meeting that the PO could be very lenient with her, or very hard on her, based on how much she was willing to cooperate, difficult child still went through the meeting with a very disagreeable attitude. She informed her PO that she was NOT going to attend classes because she didn't like her teachers and that she was NOT going to serve her after school detentions because "she didn't FEEL like it".
    At the close of the meeting, the PO decided that difficult child was not likely to work through any of the "nice, friendly" options that she could offer, so she has decided to send difficult child to court to face the prosecutor and the judge.
    It was at THAT time, that the PO informed me that with difficult child's attitude and un-willingness to cooperate, the judge will most likely send her to either Girls' school, a group home, or a detention center.
    I was COMPLETELY blown away. I mean, I have been BEGGING and PLEADING for SOMEONE to step in to enforce some serious consequences beyond the things her dad and I have tried because those things don't work. And I am not sure what I was expecting from the meeting, I think I figured they would start with probation, or court supervision, or something like that...but I didn't expect them to want to INCARCERATE HER!!!
    At first I was torn, and I wanted to plead with them to try something else first...but then I managed to stop my "mommy emotions" from taking over long enough to realize that she DOES need to face the consequences, and my stepping in to stop them from doing something to her isn't going to help her AT ALL. So I have begun the long process of accepting that I am about to hand over my 15 year old step-daughter to the department of corrections....

    In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone had any information or experience with any of the programs in Indiana. I know there is a girls' school in Indianapolis, which is still a little ways from me but probably the closest place I can think of. Or any residential facilities in Indiana that maybe I might suggest during the court proceedings if they allow me to be involved. If I am handing her over to them, I at least want to make sure she ends up in a place that can help her. So if anyone has any experience with any facilities, places that are good, places I should TRY to avoid, etc...I would love to hear about it.
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    Because it is the policy of this site not to mention any facility by name, we ask that anyone who has information for neednewtechnique to please PM it to her.
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    I'm sorry...I guess I remembered that was a "no no"... I wasn't thinking. Yes, PM's would be wonderful. Or even replies without mentioning any facility names, of maybe just some of the things I should LOOK for in a facility when I research. I have never had to do this before, so if I am allowed to participate in the process of where we send her, I want to make the best choice I can... and Im not sure even what I am really looking for. I would like to think that I will just KNOW when I see the right one, but I don't know about that...
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    The only place I know of besides the Girls School is a place around, I think, Logansport. I would PM you the name but I don't remember it to be honest. And I'm not entirely sure that's where it is but I'm pretty sure it's in that general area. Sorry I'm not more helpful!
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    If Indiana works the same way NC works, there are group homes run by the dept of corrections for juveniles that are for areas..such as for my area it would be district 16B. That is my court district. Not just my county number but like the three counties around us I think. You can only get into that group home through the court. I didnt even know about it until long after Cory was out of the system.