Respite weekend......time to party

timer lady

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Mind you, I'm spending the majority of time either sleeping &/or playing with husband. However, husband thought we ought to make a quick trip to Bimini - he's passing on the umbrella drinks. I myself, could use a Gin Blossom.

A round or two of golf, another gin blossom, dinner with a gin blossom - then someone (husband) needs to drag me to bed.

For a change I think a Mimosa along with breakfast, a round of golf with Mike's hard lemonade.......are you sensing a pattern here? :smile:

How about you?



(the future) MRS. GERE
Since I'd already gone to bed when you started your party last night, I'll join you for breakfast. Bloody Mary, please! :smile:

Well, I will just have a poached egg and a mimosa for breakfast.

Bimini, huh?

Isn't that where the nudist's congregate about this time of year for their convention?

:smile: (This is me, drinking my mimosa.)


timer lady

Queen of Hearts
Suz - I believe that "dress" is optional on Bimini! :rofl: I probably should have checked that out before taking off with husband. I bet he's in bed with an evil little grin on his face. :wink:

You know - a bloody mary sounds good too! :smile:

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I'm so glad you are getting a respite weekend-you deserve it! A party sounds great-I'm late for the breakfast part but I'll have some margheritas with you! :smile: