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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by amstrong, May 10, 2007.

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    Ran into the younger sister of a friend from high school last night. I was in high school in the 70's and my friends and I did our share of drinking and pot smoking-some of them tried the occasional pill or two. Not something I am proud of but I got past this stage of my life very quickly. Some of my peers did not.

    I had told Katrina that I had not seen her sister since the early 80's and she said that her sister died a few years back from an overdose of intraveneous Dilaudid. I knew that she had gotten into that lifestyle back then and was involved with a man who had no qualms about her stripping for a living to support both their habits. Katrina told me that in the early 90's, her sister had gotten clean, got married and had a son but the addiction demons won her over again. Katrina is raising her sister's son which is so admirable.

    I so hated to hear this and it brought back so many feelings as intravenous Dilaudid use is what brought my DEX down. he is still out there using and it just makes me sick!!!!!!

    I just needed to vent and I thought that this forum was appropriate.

    Please pray for this strong woman and her nephew as they go through life together missing her sister and his mom.

    Thanks for reading!
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    How sad. I also think it's very admirable that her sister is raising her son.

    I have never heard of that drug. What exactly is it??
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    Dilaudid is classified as an Opiate. It is, I believe, a synthetic Heroin. I know that along with Heroin addicts, Dilaudid addicts are treated with Methadone. It is just another of those nasty drugs. Dilaudid, I think, is still used in hospitals for pain medications. Back in the early 90's the cost on the street was $50 per pill (something I should not know but do because of my DEX's addiction).
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    It is so sad to hear that addiction won. I am sure this was shocking for you to hear. I was a child of the class of 70. a lot of us smoked pot to try it (I tried it twice, no effects and thought it stupid) my ex loved it. I do not think I will ever understand why some of us can try things and then be ok to never have it again. the addictive personality is a tough one.

    God bless the sister and child.
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    Im so sorry to hear this about your friend and her family. Addiction is ugly.

    Dilaudid can be a really good pain medication but only when used appropriately. I have had it a few times in the hospital but would never want to be on it long term. It helped the pain a lot but the side effects were just too much to take daily. I prefer to function.
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    I was on Dilaudid for 2 1/2 days when I was in the hospital in March. It's in the same class as morphine and it's an opiate, so they don't give it to you for long. That was fine with me. It did almost nothing for the pain and just made me very confused...when I wasn't asleep.

    I'm sorry to hear this story. So sad.
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    How wonderful that the sister stepped in to care for her nephew.

    So sad that addiction comes back and takes people away. It's such a dreaded disease.