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    At the request of the first advocate, I took Wee to the state school for the deaf and had him evaluated for central auditory processing disorder. The evaluation took place days after the dyslexia evaluation in OK. The evaluator knew all of his diagnosis'es and the ones we suspected and were waiting on.

    The only one she put in the report was ADHD. She mistakenly thought the others were still being evaluated (some were, some weren't). However, the school argued that the lack of his other diagnosis'es being in the report invalidates it for their use, as his other diagnosis'es can mimic Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).

    I just got off the phone with the evaluator at the school for the deaf. She says she was aware, and it doesn't change her report (tho she is verifying that). we have to have that evaluation done again? Or can I ask her to amend the report? Or is it just water under the bridge and forget about it?
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    I'd check with- advocate. Seems like if evaluator amends the report, stating that she is aware of all of the diagnoses (and have her list them out specifically), and that it does not change the findings of her evaluation, that should cover all the bases.

    If school gets really mulish, I'd invite them to pay for a second evaluation. That leaves them in a sticky spot - consider findings of first, or shell out $$ for second evaluation. I wouldn't even hazard a guess on what their move would be. I'm sure it's lose/lose from their perspective.

    Gosh, they are just so difficult, Shari.
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    I guess I should clarify that they questioned this at the meeting...this is not a new development and the meeting still went well...I have just been chasing my tail trying to get this "fixed".

    As for what they'd do? Get this...the school paid for the AT evaluation and they only gave the AT techs the diagnosis'es of ADHD and siezure disorder, and the AT techs NOTED that Wee likely also had Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD). Their own evaluation references a condition that he has been evaluation'ed for, yet wasn't reported, and now they are wanting to toss the Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) evaluation?! The OK dyslexia evaluation also references an auditory processing deficit. I can't see where they have any sort of basis to toss the Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) evaluation, but whatever. I just want it fixed so if they toss it, it has to be because of their own arrogance, not because of a technicality.
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    Is the school attorney aware of this? I would think he would not allow this, but he may say you need a letter from the lady who tested Wee to fix things. Whatever happens, it would be useful for YOUR records to have a letter or report that amends that report.

    I hate when schools get stupidly picky about idiotic things like this!!
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    I've been on the phone with the lady who did the evaluation and she's trying to figure out how to fix her report. She is also verifying with other experts to be sure the school's claim doesn't hold any water.