Seems the day for Turkey day ER trips!

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    I got woke up at 7 am to Cory calling me crying in agony because he had something wrong with his eyes and couldnt see! Insert twilight music from a week ago. He was pitiful. I could relate. Mandy wouldnt even get up to either help him get the phone, call me, or even drive him to my house or the hospital. (I wont say what I think about that)

    I flew out of bed and got him and we went to the local hospital. He has been working lately with his dad doing some sheetrock stuff and yes he wears protective eye glasses but when he cuts studs, crud can fly around in the wind. So off we go. They got us back right away. ER was vacant. doctor was great. They numbed him up and immediately saw that he had metal in his eye. Several scratches and several tiny pieces of metal were imbedded in his eye. The local ER took a needle and got some of it out but they couldnt get it all out so they attempted to call some local eye doctors to get him seen either today or tomorrow but no one would be open so they called DUKE Medical in Durham and had him transferred there by ambulance! Boy we werent expecting that. LOL.

    Cory called Mandy to tell her what was going on and she accused him of lying to her! I had to get on the phone and tell her it was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Then she got mad at him for ruining her Thanksgiving! Ummm...I think it was Cory's that was ruined. She got to go over to her family's and eat! He got to go get his eye surgically drilled.

    While Cory was sent on his way, I came home and ate some dinner, made Cory a plate and got Billy to ride up to DUKE. Its about a 2 hour ride and I didnt want to drive it alone. I knew Cory was gonna want something to eat once he got through all the awfulness...and it was awful. he was truly But funny too. They attached leads...and he tore them off and it was like a wax job...lmao. He has these square patches on him! He has this way of making the nurses and doctors laugh...especially the female ones.

    Finally...everything is over with now. He should be okay. That is one ugly procedure. Needles, drill, ick. My baby is safe in my living room. He told Mandy I said he couldnt go home tonight. LOL
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    I hope there is no permanent damage! That is scary!

    WTF is wrong with Mandy? This is NOT post baby stuff - this is lazy mean selfish witch wtih a b-ness! I really hope and pray he sees how awful she is, keeps that baby and kicks her to the curb. in my opinion she is NOT fit to be with him, or his daughter!!

    There is just NO NO NO NO NO EXCUSE for what she has accused him of, and of refusing to help him. What does she do when the baby cries? Just let her lay there until Cory gets home to change/feed/hold/love/play with her? This puts a bit of a different spin on the baby not growing. I am willing to bet that if Cory isn't home she doesn't do much with the baby. If they don't get enough holding/cuddling/love they can go into failure to thrive, colic, not pooping well because they are not eating enough, and all sorts of other things.

    There have been times I have told my husband or kids to work it out themselves (get a headache? come tell me, don't expect me to chase you to find out what is wrong kind of thing) but if they are in obvious pain, crying (esp thank you and husband), can't see or whatever, then I don't care what they say, I take care of them whether they like it or not. more than once I have told husband or a child that if they don't take the medications I give then I will pill them like the cat.

    What she did Occupational Therapist (OT) Cory, first refusing to help him (and if you hadn't then he could have ended up blind or maybe even having to have the eye REMOVED or worse - it is EASY for infection to travel from the eye to the brain - which means he has to be super careful and go back to the doctor at the first sign of any infection no matter what!) then saying he was lying when told he had to go to Duke for a specialist (they don't do that lightly, not at ALL), I hope he takes that child and kicks her to the curb and files for custody and child support from her!!! Cause she is NOT a fit parent.

    I am HOT! NO ONE treats one of our kids like that!! NO ONE!!!

    Hugs and prayers to Cory - I hope this gives no lasting problems and he is better soon. He has to get the baby and then he can't go home until he is all better. Sorry, gma Janet, but baby needs to be with him and he needs to be with you. How is it you haven't killed Mandy and hidden her in a swamp or something? Surely y'all have alligators, don't ya?
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    You guys gave me a flash back... Q and I spent the morning in the ER last year. His face and throat swelled on one side... not an allergy reaction, it was his salavary gland that had swollen and backed up... it has happened many times, mostly on his throat since but that day was the worst, he woke and a 3 year old would have said, what happened to his face??? it was HUGE. ER was scary because they thought airway stuff of course... but noting but the cat scan was weird. He had IV and they were prepared to admit him etc... and we got to go home. When it happens now, it has happened so much, they just have us document and we now have a standing cat scan, if it happens again, we just go and they want to see what is up using contrast this time.

    Weird that happens on a holiday. I am so glad Cory's eye is not more seriously damaged. I hope it heals well. I can imagine the pain, I have had intense eye pain. You both with an eye problem, that is strange too.

    I just do not get this chick he is with. Just not a normal person at all. To be so detached. Really a mean girl and he can do so much better. He needs a girl like mom.
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    Janet, keep us posted. And Mandy can go fly a kite! Sheesh.
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    Mandy isnt doing anything to the baby, I think she just doesnt trust anyone at all. It is her upbringing. She was taught not to trust anyone or to believe that anyone is actually telling her the truth so she wont believe anyone. She actually believes that we will lie for Cory. If we say Cory is with us, she thinks we are lying. Its odd to me. She has to make sure. God help him if we say we are home and she comes by and we happened to have left the house for a second and she pops up.
  6. buddy

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    Is she paranoid?
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    Geez...I'm glad he's ok but What a Whirlwind!! will take some time..many of us females have trust issues...I hope she gets over her's soon...I admit, when I saw the titel of this thread, I feared it was you!
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    I'm glad he's going to be okay!
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    Geez, what a way to end up spending the holiday. Hope he's feeling better soon!
  10. gcvmom

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    Holy crud -- that girl is a bee-atch!

    Hope he's on the mend soon!
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    Let him carry the hospital paperwork to Mandy. Sheesh. But I will say depending on family dynamics, it could've been something she just learned. You get burned enough times you stop trusting people, but I think that's a bit extreme, leaning toward paranoid.

    So glad you took the poor kid to the ER and that he was able to be helped. omg! Reminds me of when husband got acid in his eye at work. *shudder* Burned his eye pretty bad and we sweated over his eyesight for quite a while as it healed.

    My dinner on Saturday better be uneventful.

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    Good God what is it this week with injuries.............everyone it seems is either going, in, or has come home from the ER.
    And eyes - that is the worst! I am SO glad Cory is OK. And I am SO sorry you had to go through all of that -- it was the last thing you needed. Where was Tony in all of this.
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    Glad Cory is scary for you!
  14. flutterby

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    I'm glad Cory is ok and is home.
  15. Star*

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    I have words (oh yes I do - you know I do) But Auntie Star sends her hugs and love.
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    OMG, Poor Cory! How can she be so heartless, not caring he was in pain and accusing him of lying??? That gets me mad. I'm glad he's feeling better.
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    Cory is tucked in one of my rooms...actually his whole family is. They all came last night. Mandy went Black Friday shopping with Tony last night and Cory and I watched McKenzie who was a doll. Cory is good as gold with babies.

    I really shouldnt have written it like that about Mandy. Cory was a bit irritated and I think hurt. He is used to the way I take care of him and his Dad...which I think is the normal way to be honest. Mandy was raised either in foster homes or by addicts. She had to fight and claw for everything. There was never anyone in her life even from a young age that she could trust. I can somewhat relate to that. Even now her mother isnt reliable. Heck, Mandy asked her mom to be in the delivery room with her and she swore she would be there. Mandy was afraid to ask me at first because she thought I would turn her down. Cory had to convince her I wouldnt. I was the only one there besides Cory. Mandy's mom never made it. Oh she showed up at the hospital later after the baby was born with a small flower carrying on about having a granddaughter but she was under the influence and Mandy was ticked. Mandy calls me Ma and knows which one of us she can count on. After all, she has lived with me since she was 17. I think Cory and us have raised her probably longer than her family!
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    Sorry for the trauma and drama but how fortunate you are to have a high guality facility available and ready to take emergencies so quickly. That's a major "biggie" to be thankful for on TDay. Hugs. DDD
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    Well DUKE is a wonderful hospital. Wonderful university too. Our local hospital is affiliated with them now in some form or fashion.