Severe autistic teen destroying his diaphers

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  1. Bezzy0_0

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    Hello everybody, I am new here ,for the 1st time, father of 14yr old non verbal autistic boy who is frustrating us a family with his constant undoing of his diapers, and worse of all picks the front out of them with White gel urinated bits all over places, please, please, is there any solutions to this problem, he virtually strips his clothes has soon has your out of sight.
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  2. Rabbit

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    I have no solution for this. My son difficult child 2 picks his depends occasionally. You can try getting a large trash can
    and each time a diaper is put in there giving you son a treat. (like a cracker or a m and m) . Good luck
    You r not alone. Hugs Rabbit
  3. keista

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    I'm guessing you've tried pants with a button fly, or a complicated belt? If his fine motor skills are delayed, this would be my first line of attack. If his motor skills are good and he is able to undo lots of buttons and belt, maybe a jumpsuit that closes up the back?

    I haven't had to deal with this with a 12 y/o, but I used to call DD2 "Houdini". She'd get out of any type of clothing I'd put on her (often without undoing snaps or zippers) just to get out of her diaper. She always waited until I wasn't watching to do it, too. So, I get how frustrating this is, X10 for you.
  4. buddy

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    I am not sure of your son's sensory issues (that is, what kinds of clothes he will tolerate etc.) so I will just offer one idea that you may have already tried. If he will wear one piece pj's (at least at night) with NO feeties in them so you can put them on BACKWARD and the zipper goes up the back (you may even need to put a safety pin under the zipper-pull so he can't undo it) then he cant get to the diaper as easily. If he is a kid who pulls his arms out of the clothes you need to make sure the wrist parts are tight enough that it is hard to get the hand out (again if he can't undo pins you could use those so after his hand is through one way you can tighten it). At least if he picks through the clothes that way the little gross gel things will stay mostly in teh clothes and you can undress him in the tub or something. Yeah, I've been there, though when he was much younger. If it is too hot for the winter ones, and if this works, it may be worth hiring someone to make summer weight pj's.
    If it is happening during the day of course then there needs to be (sorry to say because I know how hard it is to have to do direct visual 24/7 care every single day) a lot of alternative sensory on a ring to shake, squeeze balls to squish, whatever his reinforcement preference testing shows (when you present things and he picks them consistenly to find out what motivates him--parents often know what textures etc. they like without doing that of course!)

    It could be that you could find someone to make a big kid kind of "onsie" that again actually has snaps that are placed up high in the back, making it harder to get to.

    IF he is good at fasteners, and a great escape artist then heaven help you...SMILE! Of course I am just kidding. Ask any PT or Occupational Therapist (OT) you know because they often serve kids who have the same issues and have learned from clever parents.
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    Thanks for quick reply appreciated, yes tried all kinds underwear, he's like your daughter ,a Houdini expert, tried jump suit with fasteners on back , worked it out and took off easily and also extremely strong for a youngster, would fear he would tear off clothes in frustration if he could not work out how to undo,sure could do with a solution to this!
  6. keista

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    Looks like Buddy responded when you were typing. She brought up a good point of trying to redirect to another item he can pick at. Of course that only works if he's getting out of the clothes to pick at the diaper. If he's picking at the diaper because he doesn't like it on, that's a whole other issue.

    OY! Wish I had more ideas for you. Others will be along and may be of more assistance.

    by the way Welcome to the board! If the collective board can't help you find a solution, maybe our ideas will get you thinking in a new directions, and if that all fails, at least you get to vent your frustrations with parents that "get" the enormity of your situation. Stick around and keep checking back.

  7. Ktllc

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    Ok, I'm so sorry to keep on repeating myself (I'm really not that obsessed by the topic! lol), but cloth diapers might be a solution if the XL fit your kid. You cannot pick at those. If he wanted to, he could take them off (but I guess it is the same issue with disposable). I know there are some for adults, but really have explored that since V is only 4.
    V actually like wearing them and more often than not, he refuses to take it off (even though it is full of pee). Must be his sensory issues... They don't leak either and feel relatively dry, maybe a little damp at the most.
    Welcome and we're glad to help you brain storm.
  8. Bezzy0_0

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    Thank you so much everyone for your very quick input, I am humbled by it,yes was typing during a response, hopeing for new ideas from all you wonderful parents who have been or undergoing similar issues, looking forward to monitoring this excellent forum, will fill profile a little late having to keep my eye on my 14yr son and his 9 yr old brother at moment , has partner is out with my 8 yr old daughter,dropping off step daughter to her dad's, so be back soon , thanks
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  9. Bezzy0_0

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    I have just tried new batch of cloth ones tonight strangely enough, and he is still picking at them from inside the leg has he cannot destroy the front has in the other plastic type, he has clearly adapted to finding another way to carry on doing this, this is frustrating has we were hoping this would solve this issue,will be hoping someone may have other ideas,thanks
  10. buddy

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    sarcastic LOL for you, smile! WELL....what about those old iron things with locks on them from the victorian era? (or whenever, not a historian, tee hee)

    In all seriousness, I am not an ABA expert but some kind of very intensive behavior program may be the way to go here with the sensory component addressed (rediecting etc, getting the need met in another way) Do you have in home support of any kind? Yikes, it is a tough one. I have picked up those sticky and smelly gels, it can really get to ya.
  11. keista

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    Is this new behavior? The thought just occurred to me that if it is new, then he may be trying to masturbate. Ends up picking instead. The biologic component of puberty does not discriminate. It happens regardless if any delays or 'defects' are present. Just thinking out loud.
  12. TeDo

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    keista has an interesting point. Puberty does not discriminate. Another thought I had is, when was the last time you consulted an Occupational Therapist (OT)? With changes in body chemistry, things might be caused by new sensory issues. Just a thought. Welcome to our little corner of the world. You've come to a GREAT place.
  13. susiestar

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    Puberty may be part of it. Also the texture of the diaper may be a problem. We had to stick to a specific brand with each of our kids because other brands bothered them - of course the same brand didn't work for more than one of them, but we only had one in diapers at a time.

    This came to me and I mean to post it on the other thread about diapers. What about some of those super absorbent towels that are sometimes sold for drying hair or other purposes. They are made out of some type of microfiber that is super absorbent. Could this be used inside some type of cloth diaper and then washed? Just a thought.

    If it is puberty, then you have to work out a time when it is okay and when it isn't. Of course getting that through to him may be difficult. I wish I had some help on that front for you.
  14. confuzzled

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    i'll go with he is uncomfortable with the wetness and wants them o-f-f. we absolutely hated those plastic/absorbent gel type diapers and seem to get better wicking with the breathable type. it might help to trial a few brands (attends makes them, and they were kind enough to send samples).

    only other suggestion is duct tape (seriously). it takes enough effort to pick off that you'd probably notice him in the act and be able to change him quicker.

    i have a houdini too, so you arent alone.
  15. HaoZi

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    What about something more grown up and for males, like Tena? I think if you check their site you can a free sample or contact them and request it.
  16. Liahona

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    I think cunfuzzled has a good idea. Duct taping most of the diaper. Maybe a combination of everything; clothes hard to get out of, re-directing sensory, and duct tape. Good luck this is a hard one.