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    She seemed ok about the therapist- I told her I'd been making calls all day to try to find another and am waiting to hear back from one. The others wouldn't take this issue in a 13yo, or either weren't male. Of course, I had to explain exactly what happened yesterday. I guess it's a good thing that I had mentioned to her last month that therapy didn't seem to be getting anywhere with this guy, so I guess she wasn't too shocked. And, she was in court in Jan when I testified to the judge about what type of therapy was being sought for difficult child and why (which the judge ok'd), so she seemed to say that she didn't blame me. But, she is going to call the therapist next week to see what he has to say about it. She said she'll ask if he'll put something in writing stating that he can't or won't do this therapy or that difficult child doesn't need it. (I coouldn't believe she was trying for this, too) Anyway, I tried to prepare her that he's pretty ticked at me and had said some odd things so I'm not too sure what he might say to her. I didn't come right out and say this, but I wouldn't be at all shocked if he lied to her.
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    If insurance referral or judicial referral is what you need, one or both of you need to be sure that they know that you and difficult child are at an impasse with this therapist in particular, and that you are no longer comfortable working with him. You will either look for a new therapist or bypass therapy altogether as this is no longer a therapeutic relationship. That will get you a new therapist.
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    Fortunately, I didn't really need his recommendation or referral- it was just my round-about way of letting him know that he was fired and that I was seeking someone else. I couldn't think of a nice way to say that to him and in case I couldn't find another therapist quickly (who didn't have a waiting list, sees 13yo's etc), I wanted the PO to know that I had asked him and was really trying to find someone.

    Also, since I did testify to the judge, with GAL and PO there and with recommendations for specific treatments for difficult child from a local expert psychiatrist who did his MDE(who included in her report that she had communicated with difficult child's regular psychiatrist) in hand and submitted to judge, in order to try to get judge to remove order for mst and let me pursue this, and the judge agreed and ordered a non-specific therapy so I would have the freedom to look for the best therapist, I am trying to get them (and hopefully the judge because I figure she has more community and legal influence) to see that the problem isn't always the difficult child or the family- sometimes the problem is that the treatment or therapy that is recommended is not available and that these tdocs who claim they can do anything really can't and only admit it when the chips are down. they keep trtying to use the "one size fits all" therapy on difficult child's and their families. My theory is that if it worked, we wouldn't all be here and we sometimes blame our difficult child's for it- but sometimes it might be inadequate help.

    That's why I would LOVE IT if he put something in writing. He has no idea what I testified to the judge (specifics)- so let him write down that he could give us traditional therapy or that I should be letting him choose what therapy difficult child gets- nope- they'll know- the treatment plan was already written by a psychiatrist and submitted into court and it will be obvious that he isn't providing it. An Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) is unlikely to over-ride the director of a child psychiatric division at a teaching psychiatric hospital and treatment center for kids and who specializes in mood disorders, which difficult child is diagnosis'd with. Just let him act like he knows better than her about what therapy we should receive!! He wouldn't recommend it because it is the best- if he recommends something, it will be because that is what he typically provides and he thinks that's what everyone should get. He said yesterday that when therapy doesn't work it's usually because patients don't do what they should and follow it- I don't agree with that- I think many times it is because they don't receive the therapy that has been proven to be best for their issue.
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