should i have an iep put in place for difficult child

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Jena, Feb 10, 2008.

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    i was wondering should i have an IEP put in place for difficult child? does the school have to do their own testing on her in order for this to occur? can't i just forward to them all the testing we've had privately done?

    what benefit would an IEP bring? her school district stinks basically. inclusionary classroom to them consist of having a Special Education teacher come into room and work with difficult child for an hr a day. that wouldn't work for her she's very self conscious always thinks people are looking at her, etc. so that would not be the right way to go for her?

    is this important though? i often feel like the school should recognize what she's going thru other than my endless meetings with them? i've never turned over any doctor's to school regarding diagnosis. this is a new school though their being patient. i'm having more testing done in few weeks.

    yet the school psychiatric said she woudn't even qualify it was more for physical handicaps......i said you['ve gotta be kidding me. she's full spectrum with various diagnosis's...?

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    The school psychiatric is feeding you a line of balogna.

    Have you requested in writing that your child be evaluated by the sd?

    What type problems is difficult child having in school?
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    she is very needy emotionally and acdemically. she requests to go to nurse about 40 times a day most days. she is also not retaining much info at all in class. she is failing most tests now as well.

    i think that would qualify her. she isnt' hitting or aggressive though, extremely needy.