Sig how are you feeling?

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    I've been thinking about you and wondering how your nose is and if you have recovered from the concussion. Also have you spoken to your mom yet after the visit? How has work been going with the brothers?

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    Aww - THANKS FOR ASKING!!! SO sweet!

    My mom is playing nice though cool. She called me to see how I was doing on Monday and was surprised and legitimately concerned to learn I had a concussion. Technically, a concussion let's me off the hook for my outburst. And as my fav brother said - "what kind of mother engages in an argument with her daughter when her daughter has a broken nose and a concussion?" We've texted a few times, but things are still cool and that's fine with me. I am not sure if I mentioned it earlier - but the next day she took PC17 and H aside and made a big passive agressive show about how she was going to cut me a wide berth because I've had a tough year...and both H and easy child were incredulous that she was throwing the blame on me. She even told me I owed H an apology which stuns him.
    My H has been a godsend this week and I have been clingy which he seems to like so it's all good :flirtysmile3: I still can't get over how he came to my rescue when I got hurt -- it was a great reminder of why I fell in love with him. He was incredible with me and at the doctor's office. He actually let me come with him on some sales calls on Friday (I stayed in the car) because I was so stir crazy. We did a little shopping and dinner last night - which was great. Got home at 10:30 and I was zonked by 11!

    I did call difficult child on Wednesday. I was feeling sorry for myself and just needed to hear his voice. i had tried texting him but he hadn't replied. It was a quick convo, and I asked him to stay in touch. We shall see.

    As for work, I have been on brain rest and off my feet all week which has been a good excuse to avoid everything. I don't know if I mentioned that the SOLE reason I was under the ill-fated umbrella was because my iphone email had been pinging all afternoon and I was trying to answer my (other) brother's multiple emails WHILE ON VACATION. And I couldn't see the screen in the glare of the sun, so I went under the umbrella. I did get a flurry of emails from him early this week and I answered all of them. I later received a semi apologetic "maybe we can come up to see you to have this benefits meeting..." which is a HUGE concession. I replied that I am still on "brain rest" but will know more after my dr appointment on the 23rd. So I am deflecting - and either my mom or my fav brother got to him and told him to back off. My fav brother sent me gorgeous flowers which was nice and unexpected. It's all been a good reminder of exactly why I decided to take a back seat and move 2 hours away. Can you tell I am going a little stir crazy with being home for a week????

    Last night, H took me out for the sushi dinner we had been planning to have the night I got hurt. It was wonderful. I do get tired easily tho and by mid afternoon, my head and nose start to ache. The surgical glue finally is off my nose, I have a scar strip (silicone) and a bandaid over the mark. I am hoping it will heal ok - about an inch long indentation across the bridge. My black eyes and bruising are nearly gone. Just some green shadows! I am seeing the ENT - who is also a plastic surgeon - on Monday morning. I am concerned about the aesthetics and concerned about my teeth still aching and hoping to get the right mix of concern, treatment without it being dismissive or over the top. We shall see. My GP didn't seem too concerned - but I am worried about the scar and the shape my nose will have once the swelling goes down. I will follow up with the dentist after I get the ENT's advice.

    Been playing around on pinterest a lot. So many fb posts from friends who are on there so I started following a few and and posting some design ideas for myself. I checked out difficult child's girlfriend's pinterest boards this morning (I won't follow her) and it was full of engagement rings and wedding dresses. (Pricey rings from Tiffany etc.) Funny thing is - that was the path he was on when he started school 2 years ago - but he couldn't be further away from it now...she needs a reality check.

    Can you tell I am starved for conversation????
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    Updated-ENT appointment today.

    I need a CT scan. Apparently my films and my symptoms indicate i have a Nasoethmoid fracture & the teary eyes & runny nostril & stinging fluid in my throat (ON OCASSION-NOT CONSTANT;) *COULD* mean I punctured the brain membrane and the leakiy stuff is cerebral brain fluid.

    So in effect, I could be losing my mind. Literally

    ENT didn't seem too concerned, biggest risk is meningitis but I was on antibiotics and should be ok. Also possible that if I did spring a leak - that it resolved itself. And there's a very good chance my membrane was not punctured. But better safe than sorry. Worst case scenario is laproscopic surgery to fix it. Trying not to worry that they insisted on an immediate CT scan. So, Tuesday 7:45 am

    Tried to look up my insurance benefits when I got home only to find my laptop is DEAD. 4 flashing lites of CPU failure. No booting, blank screen, none of the suggested fixes do a darn thing. When it rains, it pours. I ordered a new laptop, praying my backup disc is actually usable and I will figure out how to pay for it all another day.

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    Good luck with the appointment tomorrow...
    I'd be taking said laptop to the laptop doctor... new CPUs are not overly expensive, and sometimes, it pays to have the original machine (not the back-up disks) for transferring data, even if you love your new laptop.

    I never get "new" ones - there are shops that sell manufacturers end-of-lines, over-stocks, and warranty-repaired machines... for a LOT less.
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    Oh my, you really did do a number on yourself. I hope everything went well this morning and you got a good report.

  6. Nancy

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    Oh Sig I'm sorry. I hope the scan confirms it will be ok and no surgery is needed. I wish we lived closer because I love to talk too and we could spend out time chatting away. It's a good thing my husband loves to talk about current events because at least for that he doesn't mind my chatter.

    Let us know how the appointment goes.

  7. rejectedmom

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    Hoping all is well and the test was negative. -RM
  8. Signorina

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    The test was quick so I am taking that as a good sign-no additional scans etc. I should know on Thursday after i call for results. Dr asked me to call for results in 48 hrs and I figure if I don't hear from him before that - all is good.

    In the meantime I enjoy telling h that I am losing my mind-literally. Lol

    And my new laptop comes on Thursday too

    And pc15 had a track meet today. Ran hurdles for the first time. It was ugly. He actually ran into (not jumped over) the last one. But he wants to try it again. That child is so positive - makes me smile.
  9. Nancy

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    Sig my easy child ran hurdles too. She often ended up with black and blue shins. Track meets were fun to watch as long as the weather was good, although they were very long and we had to keep moving to see her different events. I miss that.

    What kind of easy child are you getting?

    Hope the scan results are positive. And you are NOT losing your mind.

  10. Signorina

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    I bought the highest reviewer rated, fastest laptop in the deals section on the Best Buy website that was under $600. I just didn't want to deal with it and just wanted something I could get quickly. It's a Gateway and pretty in blue!
    And it has a numbers pad-which I need. 22 reviews, 4.5 stars, figure it's 20x the laptop my 2008 hp model was...

    Also realizing that my injury grace period is about to expire & will need to access my data ASAP --hopefully I can utilize the backup disc and have everything I need at my fingertips by Monday. I really hope I won't need to rebuild documents...I like being ready for anything. Thank goodness the tax stuff was all finished pre crash !

    And I billed 1/2 of it to the family biz :p Take that big bro!
  11. Nancy

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    Lol Sig, I love your feisty attitude.

  12. pinevalley

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    Sig: You must be feeling better now, because your attitude is great! I am sending good wishes to you for a speedy recovery. HUGS...
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    Hoping you are feeling better every day. Hugs to you and let us know when you get the results from the scan.