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  1. UpandDown

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    Yesterday was not a good day with my son.

    Today is a completely different day. He just called to tell me that he spent $5 getting lunch for a homeless person. He told me that the man didn't seem so thankful but thats ok because he gets that the man is probably sad.

    Ah, my son who never ceases to surprise me. Today I am a proud mom.
  2. RN0441

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    Up and Down:

    What a sweet story. I'm happy for you. I'm having a bad day myself; feeling sad and weepy.

    This made me smile too!
  3. Catmom

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    Up and Down and RN,

    Thinking of both of you right now! Up/Down-I am trying to take it one day at a time like the last time I saw my son he looked decent and had a place to stay at that time. That was for that day and that was a good feeling. Take today as a gift. My therapist does remind me that when I see a small change, not to go overboard in my mind and think that all problems are solved and life is good. So I am trying to work on patience, accept these small pleasant surprises and know that this is all on God's timing, not mine. (Not good when I am batcrazy impatient!..). RN...I am sorry that you had a sad day. I have had my share as of late and learning to refocus when the sadness is affecting my job or all other aspects of my life....I am growing in so many ways, I believe as we move forward, we may experience less sad days!
  4. pigless in VA

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    I think kindness is definitely something to smile about.
  5. UpandDown

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    Rn, I hope you are feeling better today.
  6. RN0441

    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    Thank you! I am. I had a good night's sleep (priceless right!). Husband talked to son yesterday. It seems we have to reel him in every so often.

    I am going to see a medium on April 12. I am looking forward to what she has to say. My parents have been dead for 40+ years and inlaws about 8 years. Also want to see what insight she has on my Difficult Child and non Difficult Child and IF I'll ever have grandchildren. My coworker went and some of her other family members and really feel like she has a gift based on their readings.

    I'm always seeking answers.
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    This is important, I think, for me to remember.

    I set myself up for falls by all or none thinking. It is either sailing along in the clouds or careening down to earth to the depths.

    No life has everything made in the shade. Not mine. Not yours. Not my son's. Not yours, either.

    It is interesting to me that I find it so difficult to take the ups and downs of my child, to whom I feel tethered, when I KNOW that life is not a bowl of cherries.

    I think the operative words are "feeling tethered" which is back to detachment. How to go along on the ride without feeling everything for me is at stake. It is not. This is a feeling. Not reality.