So now crazy SM got into fight with her husband and left...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    And Jumper said that J. texted her, "Why don't you leave me like everyone else?"

    I really wonder why some people have children.

    I hope the fight wasn't over Jumper. J.'s parents never even fight in front of him so he has no idea why she left, but she's gone.
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    Wow. How did Jumper reply?
  3. SomewhereOutThere

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    This is heavy stuff for a kid who is fifteen and never had a boyfriend before. She read me their texts and J. mistakenly thought that she was at a boy's house because she wasn't interested in him anymore. Actually, she was at a marshmellow roast with some friends she has known all of her life. It was at a boy's house, but it was very mixed and they are just friends. When J. sent her that text, she wasn't sure what to do so she didn't answer well and hasn't texted him since because he's at work. She told me she's going to text him tonight and tell him she has no intention of leaving him. However, his parents are making it very hard for her to support him. They barely are allowed to even text one another. He gets home at 9:30 and has to log off of his computer at 10:30 and they took his cell phone away from him. He is very obedient and follows their rules, even though he isn't sure why they treat him "like a baby."

    Jumper has never known the feeling of being unwanted. Her father and I have just always loved each other and her and her brother. She doesn't understand why he's always afraid she's going to break up with him. We had a talk about it. I think this is an eye opening experience for Jumper. Her older siblings didn't have it this good...I divorced their father. But Jumper is pretty sheltered. Still...she is only fifteen. She is doing the best she can with this. On Sunday, when J. comes over (if SM doesn't come home and make up some reason why he can't), she decided to go to our beach with him and hang there along with bringing her friend. This will satisfy SM's wish that he is not in her room.
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    I wonder if the rules will relax some with SM not there.
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    I feel so sorry for Jumper. This has to be so hard for her. I am so glad you have such a good relationship with her that she is comfortable talking to you about all of it. You're right, it's quite the learning experience. As "good" as J is, his parents have really done a number on his self-esteem. I hope Jumper is able to stick it out so he CAN learn that not everyone leaves. Poor kids. I really feel for him. No matter how perfect he is, he's still not good enough. {{{{(((HUGS)))}}}} to ALL of you.
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    What I find interesting is that my kids are treated really well and they can be sassy and have attitude. I have learned that many abused kids want to be loved so badly that they practically kiss the feet of their parents just hoping for a morsel of positive attention. I've seen this over and over again. It leaves me scratching my head.

    I have a feeling SM is a bit of a drama queen and will be back. J. is upset that she's gone as in "everyone leaves me." His own mother took his sister when she left his father, but has never tried to have a relationship with him. He doesn't even know her. So SM is the only mother he knows.

    On a meaner note, I hope Jumper realizes she has it good...haha!
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    Positive, or negative attention - and the attitude goes to the ones who really DO love them.

    It's sad... But I wonder. I wonder if SM feels out of control? Feels that Jumper is horning in on her position with J? Just a thought. And I'll bet she WILL be back.
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    Does he have any guy friends? I know he does well in school and plays football but just wondering if he has other guys to talk to or hang out with. I sure hope so for his sake and for Jumper's. It could be difficult if he is truly a longer and she is his only confidant. DDD
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    She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. I knew it.

    Yes, he has guy friends because he is in football and wrestling and is quite a star. How much he gets to see them, I have no idea. But a close friend of his introduced Jumper to J.

    J. is very shy. I doubt he tells his friends very much. He opens up to Jumper, b ut only to a point. There are things he finds too painful to talk about, like why his birthmother doesn't see him at all. She IS the one he talks to the most though. He has said so.
  10. DDD

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    Glad he has friends other than Jumper. It's a bit much for her to take on the role of supporter to an older mixed up kid no matter how wonderful he is. She's at the age where she should be (and apparently is, thank heavens) focused on her life and her needs. Eventually they may be a couple but for now she needs the carefree, fun, game playing company of her buds. You've done a great job. DDD
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    I bet he's counting the months until he can move out.
    Doesn't surprise me that the SM moved out and back in again so quickly. She doesn't strike me as the think-it-through-carefully type.
    Hugs to both kids.
  12. SomewhereOutThere

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    If I had to diagnose her without knowing her I'd say perhaps she has borderline personality disorder.

    Jumper does not take this as seriously as I do. She's still a kid herself with a whole group of friends. J. is an important part of her life, but hardly the only person in it, and she isn't the type of girl who HAS to have a boyfriend or she's crushed.