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  1. crazymama30

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    That I have on facebook. in real life we are "friends" (she thinks we are friends and i think we are acquaintances.....she could be friends with s2bx and cannot be trusted).

    She had 2 kids, both difficult children. Her son has autism and adhd and the younger dtr has autism and pica.

    She posts on fb all the time abiuy what a good parent she is, and people reinforce it! She smokes pot around her kids (calls it "mommies medicine"), and with her daughter? She is 3 or 4 and I done doubt the autism, but pica?? That is how the girl gets attention. Mom is not paying attention to her so she puts stuff in her mouth and then someone will pay attention. son will do similar things for similiar reasons. csd had been called 2 times that I know of and nothing has ever happened, I don't really expect anything to happen as they are not abusive parents, just checked out.

    It drives me nuts. how can so many people tell her she is a great parent? Most of them know what I know, do they really think she is great, and if not why reinforce to her she is wonderful? This just ticks me off to no end. I may end up unfriending her, she keeps trying to message me and I never respond.

    sorry, this had been bugging me and I had to get it out somewhere
  2. hearts and roses

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    Yikes! I agree that you do not need any more negatives in your inner circle. Unfriendly her but be prepared when she asks why. Hugs, you're family is in my thoughts daily.
  3. DammitJanet

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    There are many people in the world who go looking for drama and they will even make it up for attention. If you watch closely enough you can almost see a pattern. If someone in a group has a problem then in short order, then this needy person will develop that problem in either themselves or someone in their family within a short time. It has a psychological name but I cant remember it right off the bat right now. They really know how to pull people in because there are always new people coming along who dont know the whole story so they fall for the whole woe is me tale all over again. Sounds like this person fits this criteria. I have gotten taken by a few of these people a time or two so when I see them they really irk me. I find it best to have as little to do with people like this as possible because they will only drag you down. They will take anything you say as support and turn it against you. You simply cannot win.
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    That would make me uncomfortable too. And how to handle it, I would just not want to see her posts etc. Can you change the settings to not see her posts? You don't have to unfriend her if you dont want the drama of that, I think you can just click to unsubscribe or block her and then it just doesn't allow messages but doesn't show up as you "unfriended" her. I have done that with relatives that I love dearly but post things I dont want Q to see....He has a page that I monitor and control. People have agreed to help me teach him about FB and they post to him.

    (I have to tell you guys an off topic FB funny....Q clicked on one of those suggested friends (wellhe clicked on tons of them then got blocked out of fb until I undid it all, he had no clue and does now) and he usually writes one word sentences to people. Hi . Nascar. Good. Fun. shopping. etc. you get the idea. So imagine my shock when I see this to a stranger:

    You like me to smell your feet? That fun.


    Then I see:


    Now, to be clear this is not a turn on thing or anything for him. He smells everything. he has always smelled feet, socks, side walks, purfume, soap, and things that are nasty smelling to most people. The weird thing is if he doesn't like a smell he can't function. But if it hits him as a good smell....even stinky cigarettes, he will seek it out. So I had to explain that saying he wants to smell peoples body parts is inappropriate like touching people inappropriately. He was shocked and worried the police would come and get him. I told him no, but that FB could say he was bothering people and could not be on FB anymore. He said when he knew it was a lady he didn't know (he looked at the picture) he sent her a message saying sorry. I said I saw that. I of course wrote her and explained and did unfriend her... why she accepted anyway??? at least he sent it thru a private message! But I have his Fb set so his posts are "only seen by me" until I clear them.)

    ugggg (sorry not the point of your post but the FB comment made me think of it)
  5. crazymama30

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    I just watch her posts from afar. I don't comment as I have nothing good to say. This person had tried to pm me about difficult child and I never respond, then she tries to chat me and I still don't respond. She had not tried in awhile, I think she got the hint.

    I just needed to vent. At leat her kiddos are young enough that her fb posts will not get back to them. If I posted stuff like that about my kids? They would be ticked.
  6. witzend

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    If she's smoking pot around the kids, I'd be tempted to report her to Child Services.
  7. crazymama30

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    Witz, she had been reported for it, one time the cops walked in while the house was full of pot smoke. She has gotten several tickets and had dhs investigate her, but nothing is ever done.
  8. witzend

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    That's just wrong.