Someone hit me AGAIN



People just need to learn how to drive. This is the 5th time.
Two other times I had my mom's car. This is my new car. a year ago I pullied off the interstate and stopped at the red light. A Hummer never stopped and hit me from behind. Crushed the back of my car. I was a little soar.
A few weeks ago I was at the mall. Two parking spaces next to me and some young girl pulls in hits me, then parks. She gets out and said, "oh, I think I hit your car" and then she went into the mall. That just looked like she scuffed the bumber.
Yesterday, I was on my way to the psychiatrist appointment. Stopped at a red light. and a car hit me from behind!!! I got out, and this lady gets out. (she had another man, woman and two babies in the car) She says "oh, I am so sorry, no damage, bye" I said, no look you cracked my bumper. She gets on her phone and all of a sudden I have five people yelling at me telling me That was already there. It wasn't. When the Hummer hit me I had it fixed, his insurance paid. I called the police, and when we are all done the police hand me this sheet and tells me if it is over $1000 to mail it in to the state. Well, the first estimate is $629. I talked to my insurnace man. He said I have $500 deductable and it would go on my record as an accident and my rates would increase. Oh..this lady didn't have insurance. So, why would I do that and have my rates go up for 3 years??? I didn't do anything wrong. The policeman said there isn't a police report just the information sheet with their information on it. She told me my only option is small claims court. I am so mad. I don't want to drive around in my new car that took ALL my money so I could get a car for work...I don't want to drive around with little dents all over. It will rust and look crappy. I want them to fix it. They still say they didn't do it. But they did. We wash this car twice a week. There were no dents on it. So, Monday after work, I am going to go get an estimate from the dealer too. They had those five people screaming in my face that she didn't do that. They weren't even there. I am soo mad. But she didn't own the car. So when I go to small claims court can I put down her, the driver , and the owner? They can line the cars up, and that is where her license plate sticks out that cracked my bumper. :rolleyes:


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I would get the estimates and then file a small claims court action if she had no insurance...and then take it on Judge Alex or someone like that! Maybe The Peoples Court. LOL.


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I'm so sorry. I SO know what it is like. My husband knows also.

Take her to small claims, unless someone else can think of an another option. But, even if you do get a judgement, collecting it is another matter all together. It totally bites!


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The judgment problem is why I suggested the televised shows. I think they guarantee payment for being on the show.