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    I teach high school. This semester I have juniors and seniors. I have (or rather had) one student who needs 4 more credits to graduate. He is definitely a difficult child---labeled ED---definitely genetic, I've met him mom once in an IEP. But he is really intelligent and interesting---almost genius. He is well read and can carry on a decent conversation.

    He has spent the last 2 years living with his girlfriend and her mom---also both difficult children. I had girlfriend last year as a freshman. Neither come to school often. He has missed 35 days out of 45. girlfriend hardly comes at all---he tried to come some---but always had some medical emergency. He missed Monday, Tuesday, Wed. this week. I called yesterday---phone disconnected. Today I see him, after his class period, walking towards me. I tell him I missed him today----Where were you? "Dropping out." "Dude, you only have 8 weeks left, don't do that."

    Long story short---he and girlfriend broke up---(ya think---who allows two underage difficult children to shack up????)girlfriend's difficult child mom told him to not come back near the house----his mom can't get him to school----she doesn't drive and has moved to another county. Sometimes it's just hard to watch what some of these kids deal with.

    I tried to talk to the AP---I tried to talk to the kid---no solutions found---Guidance told him to go enroll in school in Mom's county----I know it won't happen. And another one bites the dust...and it makes me so sad that he doesn't have a mom willing or able to fight for him.:whiteflag:
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    That's horrible. :( Any way to maybe talk the kid into a GED, instead of quitting completely?

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    What a waste. Poor kid. Is there another friend he can stay with?
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    Could parents/teachers get a chain going of carpooling to help him?

    For 8 weeks would you be willing to pick him up at a designated spot?

    This is so sad.
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    Seriously, there has got to be some way to get this kid a ride to school. This is the saddest thing. My exh dropped out of HS when there was only 6 weeks of school left. I thought, "How stupid". He later got his GED when we were dating and was so proud he hung his diploma on the wall!

    I hope he is able to find a way to make these next 8 weeks work.
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    Aw EW this is very sad. You must see a lot of heartbreak. I will say a prayer for this young man. Sending hugs to you too xoxox
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    For kids of above average intelligence, school is a struggle every day for 12 years even if you're not a difficult child and then if you graduate and go on to college it gets even worse. His situation is really sad; I was a teacher for over 30 years and saw this kind of thing repeated over and over. My older difficult child got thrown out of school two weeks before graduation; he also has a 130+ IQ. He took the GED test (you don't have to take all of the classes first; just may your money and take the test) and he got a perfect score on all but one section and on that one he scored very high. If you want to go on to do snobby things a GED is not as good as a diploma but if you just want to get out and get on with your life, there is very little difference. Community colleges and state universities accept GED students just like they do those with diplomas. And for most of the kinds of jobs you can get with only high school, it doesn't make a lot of difference either. Getting a GED will not solve his bigger problems but it would be a start. Hopefully somebody can talk him into it.
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    EW, this is so sad and frustrating. My stp-bro quit a few weeks before his graduation because he turned 18yo and could. Any chance of talking this kid into waiting , say 2 weeks, before making a final decision? There are some good ideas here- like someone giving him a ride. Maybe if he sees others caring so much about him it would help as much as the ride itself.