Sonic with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) up for aware. Jumper doing well. Good news thread.


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I decided to start a thread for good news because all of us have a lot on our plate and we talk so much about our problem children/child. I'll see if anyone is in the mood to keep a good news thread going.

In our lives here in Wisconsin:

1/Julie and the baby are adorable and doing well.

2/Jumper really threw herself into college life and is finally coming home this weekend. She already knows everyone in her dorm, of course! She is keeping up her grades too, which is huge. Criminal Justice is still her goal.

3/Sonic is being considered for an award for "Outstanding Achievement." In what? He doesn't remember and I don't know He tends to hear a few words, get excited, then tune out the rest! Probably just for his progress and his wonderful nature that draws everyone to him and his good work ethic. But we shall see. He is going to be hosted at a fancy hotel dinner and can bring one guest. Guess who that will be?

Hubby and I are doing well. Love the apartment we live in. I am really liking my job. Our life is still harmonious and good, but busy! Kids moving out doesn't mean no kids!

Any good news?

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Great news MWM! It's great to hear things are going so well! I love that Jumper is doing well in college and that Sonic is up for an award-very exciting! Also, it's great to hear that Julie and the baby are well!

One good thing for my difficult child is that he has actually invited two friends over today-a real rarity. He socializes well at school with kids (or believes he does) and with Peer Partners club but rarely is invited to hang out and rarely invites others to hang out so this is really good for him.


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MWM, what a wonderful idea, thank you!

I am so happy for you and your kids, it all sounds so positive. And, I love your use of the word "harmonious!"

I have good news too.

My granddaughter is loving college. She is on a campus on the Pacific Ocean in a town populated by 18-22 year olds, what's not to like? She is coming home for Thanksgiving and there is a long 5 week Christmas break too, so it will be fun to see her.

My daughter is holding her own. I saw her the other day, she was calm and everything seems okay.

I am gearing up for Thanksgiving, I l love the holidays and friends and family are coming to my new home for the holidays.

I love my new home!! We are surrounded by mountains, we have a huge state park which borders the community where we hike, it has LOTS of trails. I've done a good amount of upgrades in the house so that I feel cozy and comfortable. I finally landed, after all the chaos of moving and my granddaughter leaving, and I am very happy here now! There is a gym, 3 pools, 2 golf courses, many different classes and things to do, hiking groups, writing groups, yoga, meditation groups, movies..........

I'll be working more from home. I am writing and doing what I love........and feeling so grateful........

Oh, and husband and I are so enjoying an extended "honeymoon".......we have a lot of fun together and he continues to make me laugh every day......YAY!

After so many endings of recent years, there are now beginnings..........I have so much freedom. I feel wonderful. husband and I are taking off today on a day adventure and planning many more............Life is good.
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Congrats to Sonic!

Miss KT is doing very well. She's been married nearly two years, and is an assistant manager in specialty retail. Her hubby is a full time student and works two part time jobs. They have an Australian Shepherd that they spoil to pieces. The best part is...they'll be here for Christmas!

Son #1 is still working, thank goodness. He's an electrician, so when the job is completed, he gets laid off. This has been a long contract for him. Still no kids.

Son #2 recently started a new job that he really enjoys. K is a stay at home mom who loves being with her girls. Maddie started preschool this year and was playing on a soccer team. We went to every much fun to watch. And Charlotte is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, curious about everything.


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It's so cool to hear GOOD news!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for all of you and hope to hear more good news. It is so easy to dwell on those in trouble and to forget our blessings or our loved ones who are getting better slowly, in their own way, at their own rate, like your daughter, RE :)

KT married for two years! How totally cool!

Wiped Out, so happy your child is socializing more! I kind of found Sonic being more social as he got older too. Never will be a social butterfly, but it's so great, makes our hearts sing, when our kids who struggle socially start mingling, even a little.

It's nearing Thanksgiving. What better time to shout out about all that is good in our lives? :)

Hugs to everyone and hope to hear more good news :)

Wonder if we're going to do Christmas cards again this year!!! It's going to snow here soon....ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...but that's Wisconsin!


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Lets see difficult child seems to be doing pretty well with her boy toy. LOL We get along better than before and technically I no longer a parent emeritus but I don't plan for that to be long term. She just got a new job working part time at Toys R Us so I am hoping that goes well.

easy child is having a few difficulties adjusting to school but she and her tutor are having great success with getting her grades up. She seems to have a few decent friends to hang out with this year and she seems to be happy with school.


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I'm so happy life seems to be going so well for you and your children, MWM. My good news is easy child has finally started doing much better in school. He's pulled up all his grades and has a wonderful and active social life. The school principal saw me dropping him off at school last week and had to stop me to tell me he's doing great this year. She says easy child has a great group of friends and he's really come out of his shell. He is actually saying hi and making conversation with adults! Our other good news is we just adopted a sweet little boy named Charlie. He sleeps with me every single night and has already made himself at home. Thanks for the good news thread I really like reading about other people's happiness.


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CB, I read that GREAT news on GP!!! Good for easy child!!! Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Also so happy your adopted little Charlie. You saved a life!!!! You are a hero!!!
I just am so happy for you!

Any more good stories? I think they help us all!


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MWM, thanks for the great thread! I likewise have to say that life is good despite the hurdles--
GFG27 has been clean for almost 8 months now and has a great new job. He passed the probationary period with flying colors and was offered a full-time position and the boss is going to pay for him to be certified in his field. He looks so sharp in his work clothes (slacks, button-up shirt, tie) every day--a stark contrast to the zoned-out "druggie" look he sported for so long. Despite the crowding, we are getting along well with him, wife, and two kids in our apartment. They have reconciled and are planning to move out as soon as they get their paychecks together (wife got a job too). Grandbabies are brilliant, probably the smartest and cutest kids on earth! ;)

GFG17 will hopefully pass his college classes if he can hang in there for another month. He's still going to therapy once a week and is generally less combative and more easy-going than usual.

easy child daughter has broken up with toxic older boyfriend and is now focusing on her college work. We see her once every week or so. She has two part-time jobs and is a full-time student.

easy child sons (30 and 25) are independently happy. Older son and wife are moving to Seattle soon, other son is doing well in college. All will be here for Thanksgiving.

Hubby and I are fine, just two little tugboats bobbing up and down on the waves of life (ha!). I'm blessed that my parents are still doing well--they're both in their 80s and living independently.

These forums have been a lifesaver for me, helping me keep an even keel. What's with me and all the boat analogies today? (Happy Veteran's Day, go Navy!)