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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Nancy, Nov 19, 2007.

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    Did anyone see that Browns/Ravens game? What a finish. Browns kicker Phil Dawson attempts a tying field goal kick from 51 yards. The ball hits the left upright, bounces off the back extension of the field goal and backonto the field. The offical calls it no good but the browns knew it went thru the upright and fortunately one of the officals saw it to. Upstairs refused to review the kick (which hopefully they will change that rule now) and left the decision up to the officials who after conferring called it a field goal. The Ravens already went into the locker room and had to be called back onto the field.

    That set up overtime 30-30 and the Browns went on the kick another field goal and win the game 33-30. Phil Dawson is our hero.

    What a game!!! It's even sweeter to beat Baltimore since they stole our Browns team from us.

    And OSU Beat Michigan!!! Yeah team :fan:. I'm sorry Deb :(.

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    and those Browns!!!!! FAN-TASTIC!!!!!!!

    OHIO IS PROUD!!!!!!! me too! :fan: