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I'll try to keep this short.

In 1992 I was diagnosis'd with Congenital Lumbar Spinal Stenosis. Degerative Disc Disease was added along the way a few years back. I also have carpel tunnel in both hands and asthma. I applied for SSDI in April of 2005 because it was getting to the point that my income was dropping because of missed work. It was denied (due to my age)and I filed an appeal, also denied. I ended up leaving my job somewhere in the middle of the appeals process. I filed for a hearing in August of 2005. I called 2 weeks age to see if there was a hearing date set yet and they said they are still working on April 2005 hearing requests! :smile:

I HAD to go back to work PT to make ends meet. The disc at L5/S1 is completely empty of jelly now and the only thing separating my vertebrae is the disc covering, which will eventualy be resorbed. In October of 2006 I had another disc rupture, L4/5 and dump a bunch of the disc's jelly center into my spinal canal (it felt like battery acid was poured in there) and went on medical leave from work. I am technically still employed but still on medical leave because I cannot even get around my house some days. We bought a 2-story house :hammer: not even thinking about my back, we just loved the house. There are some days (more and more frequently) that I have to crawl, literally, up and down the stairs.

Is there anything that I can do to speed up the process? My DEX thinks that now that I am, mostly, unable to work now that I can ask for some sort of emergency decision. I told him that I didn't think so but thought I would ask some of y'all that have dealt with this. I was adopted at birth and do not know how far my back will degenerate. doctors. will not do surgery because it is a multi-level problem (all 5 lumbar discs have some form of degeneration now) so they all tell me that nothing can me done until I lose feeling in my legs from the knees down on a daily basis. This does happen now but not daily, it depends on my activity level the day before.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!



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Cyndi...Do you have a lawyer? You really really really need a lawyer! I cannot say that enough times.

I just won my disability hearing at the ALJ stage on May 11. I got the decision letter last saturday and am awaiting my awards letter now.

If you want a good attorney let me know. Mine is out of atlanta but works nationally. He is really nice. about your question. I did wait awhile for the hearing. I applied in 2005 the second time. My first application was in 2003 but I got denied and failed to appeal it. Then I applied again in June of 2005 I think. At least that is what this letter I have in front of me Well I got denied of course but when that happened I got the lawyer to handle the reconsideration and the ALJ hearing. The reconsideration appeal was due in early January and I was denied by febuary 06 and I appealed to the ALJ immediately.

In April of 07 I found out that I was going to have some tax problems with my house because I was stupid about property taxes. They were threatening to foreclose. I called my lawyer and he had me send him the letter they sent me and he sent that into the hearings office to ask for an expedited hearing and lo and behold I was granted one! I was sent a letter about two weeks later telling me that I was having a hearing on May 11 and one week later they sent out my favorable decision. I couldnt believe it!

Now if they will get me my money that fast it will be a miracle. They even went back and set my disability date to March of 04.
You definitely need representation! Don't hesitate, get a good attorney yesterday.... Most folks have to go through at least one hearing before an administrative law judge and usually an appeal before the court of appeals. This is standard practice. Hearings are running on a two year wait right now. Expedited hearings can be requested for terminal illness, forclosure, and eviction. Unfortunately, otherwise, you will need to wait.