Starting to Open Up


Shooting from the Hip
Well, this is getting interesting.

I have started to believe that Pat really doesn't have much difficult child in him, after all. When I first joined, I called him my easy child. I'm thinking I had it right... He's got a few mild LDs but honestly I think most of the GFGness is coping mechanisms.

He has started to open up to me (and husband, too) about bio... What happened, what she told him, and so on. And about Belle and what she's said and done. And of course, none of it is a surprise - we knew most of it, if not specifics - but him opening up and talking about it is HUGE. I revel in the trust he is showing us. And I told him that - I told him I was glad he felt he could trust me and I would do my best not to change that.

He also told me that he never knew who to believe, before... And now, looking back, he sees I never lied to him, and Dad was doing his best. That made me GRIN.

Not only that, but I have "caught" him doing nice things for us that wouldn't necessarily have even registered on the radar before. Helping me with Rose... He cleaned husband's truck yesterday (asked me to move it into the driveway so he could - WOWSA)... Little things, but cool. Very recent change... I love this kid!