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Problem son 19 yo. Addicted to marijuana and alcohol. Lives with 19 yo girlfriend. Both worked at Mcdonald attend community college. Recently quit Mcdonalds. Just didn't like it and is working with his father again.( His father and I have been divorced 15 years.) Saw him at Christmas. Seemed happy. Today, my brother calls me and said the girlfriend had texted my 17 yo son who was in school today and said, " Can you come down to the trailer ( an hours drive) Don't tell A I told you but he got drunk last night and woke up this morning talking about how he wants to kill himself. I've tried talking him out of it. I feel like he is being serious and I don't know what to do.. I'm here now with him but I'd feel a lot better if you'd come and try to talk to him. Please don't tell him I told you. And prior to that. Don't tell your mom or anything. I don't want her mad at him for drinking. I'd feel better if you were here to help me talk to him. ... Might I add that the boys' Dad gave them both a pistol for Christmas. A 22 but still. Just what every drug addicted kid needs right? I'm not supposed to know where he lives, but I do. My brother and I drove an hour to his town. As we were in route, girlfriend text my high school son and says, He is fine now. My brother had got off work. I tried to get him to come meet me with a tale that I was looking at a car in his town. He said he wasn't home and eventually ignored my text. I told his father what was going on. Father called him and told him he needed help with his chicken houses this afternoon. Could he come. Son agreed and is supposed to go over there. We brother, me and real Dad and my husband talked about trying to commit him. None of them thought I should do that and didn't even know if I could with the info we had. Said he might just say he never said that. I feel like my hands are tied.


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My son said that to his girlfriend twice in 2017 and she called the police both times. He was high of course.

He spent a week in a psychiatric ward each time. Not a proud moment but he was safe.

He is now in a long term religious program and doing well and I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel but I know everyone here would tell you to tell her to call the police immediately if he ever says that again.

This is tough stuff. These kids get themselves so messed up! UGH.


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Any time my son, who can be dramatic, mentioned suicide I called 911. He hasn't done that for years because he knows I will call 911.

If girlfriend had told me that, I would have called 911. I would not drive down to talk about it or freak out. I have no expertise n dealing with suicidal people and defer to professionals.

Usually they are just on a pity party and don't mean it, but I won't take a chance or try to be a shrink.

If you call 911 most likely you will stop hearing the threats. Anyhow it worked here.
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I'm sorry that happened. It is sad and overwhelming to think your child doesn't want to live.

I call the police for a wellness check every time suicide is threatened. One time it resulted in a much needed hospitalization.


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I am sorry you are going through this. We have called 911 on my son every time he says he is going to kill hinswlf. They have neve once taken him into care. Every time he gets in a bind he says he is going to kill him self. When we called he police in his theft and fraud from our bank accounts he did a runner and said he was going to kill him self. The police had to bring out more cars and a K-9 until and search until they found him. I get so upset when he says this. He has said it less frequently of late because he knows we will call 911.


Wow thanks. I didn't talk to girlfriend. We are afraid she won't tell us anything if she knows he told us. She seems to have no backbone when it comes to my son. Not sure why she puts up with him really. I don't think she has much family support. I think after reading your replies, I will tell my younger son to tell her to call 911 if he gets a text like this again. Maybe even have him text her to see how he is and give this advice. She seems terrified he will leave her. I've never seen her look like she has used anything and she is usually driving when they come here. My brother thinks she probably does it with him at times because she is so tolerant of it. But it is worth a try. I've tried to find out from his Dad what happened when he came there, but so far he has not text me back. This is agonizing. I love my son so much, but this news this morning did not tear me up because I'm always expecting to get bad phone calls about him and I'm never surprised. Although, it did send me here from advice from the experts! Thanks for all your responses. It's good to have someone who knows.


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I think our kids find codependent girls because you really do have to wonder why they put up with any of it! But they all seem to find girlfriends. Ugh.