swollen ankles / compression socks



for the past 6 months every night that I work my ankles swell so big that when I actually TRY to get out of my chair I can't feel my feet. I had an appointment at the Dr. due to my infection on my foot (from a cut). My appointment. was right after work. My feet, ankles and even shin's were so swollen. He pushed in and left a big, deep dent in me.

Was sent to get a certain compression sock. Didn't know all the different kinds they have, luckily I was given a certain one.
Wore it last night for the first night. NO swelling. None. I can actually feel my feet again. (now if they could only fix that pain! lol)

I don't quite understand how these socks work. Why they don't cut off the circulation rather than do the opposite. Regardless, I am very happy with my socks.

So sorry to hear about the swelling. Some years ago I had to wear Jobst stockings due to swelling caused by blood clots in my legs.Those things are a bear to put on!! Is that what you are wearing? It's true , though, they really do make you feel much better.

My problems was caused by birth control pills...which I had to stop taking immediately after laying flat on my back in the hospital for a week - ugh -. That means no hormone replacement therapy for me , ever :frown:

Did your doctor say what he/she thought was causing the swelling?


I am concerned about blood clots. I started with the HRT patch about 6 weeks ago.

The ankles though have been going on for quite some time. 6 months maybe. Doctors first ask me if I am on my feet at work.
"no, quite the opposite. I sit in a chair for 12 hours and rarely move". So..that's the problem. sitting! If I would be on my feet the problem would be standing. LOL. Seriously though, I was told to put my feet up..which I try to but then they fall asleep. Then I was told to get up and walk around.??? where would you like me to walk at 3 or 4 am?? By the time I get up I can't feel my feet anymore. They only swell up the nights I work.

These socks are a real trick to get on, but I can feel my feet again.


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My dad also had to wear Jobst custom made ones, he had the major veins repaired/replaced in his right leg and was on coumadin for clots.
He would put the stocking on BEFORE he got up in the morning - he hung it over his bedpost at night. He took a shower in the evening, right before bed, so that he could wear the stocking from the minute he got up in the morning - other wise his foot and leg would swell and he couldn't get it on.
What the stocking is doing is helping keep the blood circulating UPWARD in your leg, and not letting it pool in your foot and ankle.