The Barbie Bandits


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Have any of you been following the story of the Barbie bandits? It made the national cable news.

The girls, both 19, are recent graduates of high schools in my school district.

One of the girls went to the neighboring high school and only lives about 10 miles from me. Her poor family has been the focus of many news stories.

Evidently, she has gone down the path of many of our difficult children. She got involved in drugs and her family kicked her out of the house. She was arrested last Christmas night entering her family's home through a basement window. When her parents, out of town for the holiday, were contacted, they told police that the daughter had not lived there for 2 months and had no business entering their house.

The mother is a teacher and the dad is a building manager. They have tried everything to get their daughter off of drugs and away from her unsavory companions.

This could be any of us on the PE forum. My heart is breaking for these poor people.

Oh, and what did the girls do with the stolen money ~ they went to a very expensive hair salon and got their hair and nails done.




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Somehow, when we know, or know of, the parents whose children make the papers, it adds a whole new facet to the grief we all feel at what has happened to us and to our own families.

I always find it interesting that while I can experience compassion ~ immediate, non-judgmental compassion ~ for those parents, I tend not to extend that same grace to myself.

Kathy, do you remember the name of that book you had suggested I read? Something about how the kinds of things we have all been through can affect a parent's self concept?

I never did run across it (accidentally on purpose, I presume?!?), but I think I am ready to read it, now.



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The name of the book is Don't Let Your Kids Kill You: A Guide for Parents of Drug and Alcohol Addicted Children.

It was written by Charles Rubin.



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There but by the grace....that's all I think when I see these stories. difficult child could have easliy gone to that level if he hadn't gotten help when he did. Now, his problems seem so minor, I feel foolish about even worrying about him when there are so many "lost" children out there still searching for the answer of sobriety.


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Katmom took the words out of my mouth. I only feel sad when I read these news articles.



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Why does there seem to be so many gosh darned many of them out there?.

I haven't been keeping up with the news lately, the papers have just been getting thrown away as sometimes life gets kinda hectic (as we all know).

I feel so sad for the parents yet also admire them for their strong stand.


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We have been out of town, and havent read a newspaper in awhile. What part that grabbed my eye was the part where she got into her parnets house with-o permission, when I get a minute to post will have to tell you of my recent issue on that with my difficult child.