The light at the end...

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by everywoman, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. everywoman

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    of the tunnel does exist. And it is brighter than I could have hoped for. difficult child has been working for four months now. In July and August it was full-time. As the tourist season slowed, they've cut him back slowly. This week he was scheduled for three days---about 15 hours---hardly worth the 30 mile drive there. But...he hung in. His boss called yesterday, asked him to work a few additional days. He was up to about 25 hours.

    Then, he got a call from a local resturant only 5 minutes from home. They offered him fulltime.

    What a quandry for a difficult child who had not worked steadily since he was 14.

    So, he talked to the beach resturant. He will go back to a few days a week. He called new boss with that schedule and he is scheduled full time with her. He won't have a day off for several weeks, but he did that in July when he started.

    I'm so proud of him. He worked the issue out. He qualifies at beach for insurance in 60 days, so he wanted to keep that job, but he knows he needs more money and wanted to check out new job to see if it was a good fit first.

    And on top of that pcdaughter has been sick with some virus or strep and he has been "taking care" of her while husband and I work. He's gone for gatorade and popsicles!!! He's been nice to the sister he despised and was jealous of for years.

    He's talking about karma and praying and well...talking with some sense.

    He's still a difficult child. He's still a pothead...but he's so much better than he was a year ago!
  2. Andy

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    That is great news. Good for difficult child!

    I hope easy child starts to feel better soon.

    Here's to better days ahead!
  3. Jena

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    aw that's great, i'm so glad to hear that. You must be proud, let's face it such logic used there regarding the two different positions. difficult child or not he did good.

    i'm happy for you and him. :)

    your right there is a light at the end of the tunnel
  4. Estherfromjerusalem

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    It is so good to hear news of that type -- it gives all of us hope that some day they might see sense. Thank you so much for posting that.

    It's great that he worked that out so well. It's a reflection on your good parenting too. Way to go, warrior mom!!!

    It seems that if they reach a certain age without getting into too bad trouble, and then something starts to go right, they can get onto the right track.

    I'm still reluctant to post about my difficult child, since I am afraid that if I just feel a little bit too optimistic, something will come out of the blue and knock the optimism back down into its regular place (i.e., very very low), and something very negative will take its place. Let's say, things are on an even keel at the moment (which is brilliant for a difficult child).

    Looking forward to hearing more good updates.

    Love, Esther
  5. Hound dog

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    No, difficult child isn't quite there yet. But the boy is trying. What a wonderful update.:D Looks as if he's beginning to figure it out. Such a wonderful thing when that starts to happen.

    Keeping fingers and toes crossed that he keeps moving forward and soon discovers pot also isn't the answer.

    Esther I'm glad to hear that difficult child has been doing well. I hope it continues for him too. :D And I so understand the fear of the board jinx. lol

  6. DammitJanet

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    EW..very positive update. We have to keep looking at baby steps.
  7. katya02

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    What great news! What good judgment your difficult child showed in handling the job dilemma and keeping benefits in mind, and you must be really happy to see him doing things for his sibling. It gives hope; maybe, if they can get to a certain point, they can really jump onto that 'right' track and keep going.

    Like Esther, I'm reluctant to say much right now about my difficult child. All quiet on the western front, I guess. He's anxious about his omnibus hearing next week (which is appropriate) but isn't acting out. That's major progress.
  8. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    Awwww....he's developing problem solving skills, compassion (for easy child), and a work ethic. It doesn't get much better than that!


  9. everywoman

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    Thanks all. The funny thing is that on Tuesday he had a really bad day. He sent me a text that he was staying in the bed all day. I texted him back and told him if that is what he needed to do, to go right ahead. No arguments, no lectures, no sympathy. By that afternoon he was up and about. He'd called new job and asked about application.

    Esther, Katya...totally understand about the fear of jinxing. But, I'm warding off the board curse with the nekkid chicken dance......
  10. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    Good idea. I just started a thread that is spitting at the board jinx so folks can post there.

    I'll make sure that thread knows that you are doing the nekkid chicken liver dance, too. :)

  11. lovemysons

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    Hey everywoman, that's awesome that your seeing lil improvements along the way with difficult child. Sounds like he is starting to come to some realizations of adulthood and wanting to move in a new direction with his relationship with sister. I was reall impressed to with your very non controlling response to him sleeping in for the day. You DID great! and he on his own came to the right conclusion...that is so awesome.

    Love reading your good jinx's, just keep doin what you're doin sounds like.
    Hugs and love,