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    Well, I took my little Junebug (he's 4) to his appointment on Tuesday. It's official, he is ADHD. Now that I know what's been going on with him, it makes things a little easier. However, now there's another hurdle to jump. Junebug has a heart murmur. So, they're trying to get him put on Strattera right now, but it has to be approved by our medical. That's going to be difficult, or so I've been told. If they can't put him on it, what other choices are there? They don't want to put him on a stimulant:( I'm really hoping they can figure something out soon. No one seems to be able or willing to give me any advice on how to deal with him either. I still think he may have ODD, but they're not really looking into it right now. I intend to get his doctor switched on the first though, so we'll see what happens.
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    You may want to investigate non-medical therapies such as play therapy and behavior modification.
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    Depends on the heart mumur.
    Also, although his diagnosis. right now is ADHD, it could change (and usually does) as the kids get older. You don't need to rush into medication. We did, and I'm sorry we did. It turned out that the ADHD diagnosis. was wrong and my son did very poorly on stimulants. by the way, he had open heart surgery, but his cardiologist OK'd the medications. I just didn't like them. They made him mean and aggressive, and he really isn't like that. good luck :)