They didn't take him!!

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    We went all the way there and they could tell he didn't have a problem with alcohol and said if they took him in, they would make him leave by tomorrow because he wouldn't be showing any signs of alcohol withdrawal which is totally different then opiate and the insurance wouldn't cover it.

    I guess some insurance companies, like mine, have decided that since opiate withdrawal isn't life threatening, like alcohol withdrawal, that they just aren't covering it and that people can quit cold turkey and even though they feel like they are dyeing, they won't!!

    They do cover outpatient opiate treatment though, just not inpatient. So he is here on my couch again for another night because I don't have the heart to send him out to sleep in his car since it's freezing out tonight and we are supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow overnight.

    Tomorrow morning I am taking him to the outpatient clinic that he hooked up with a few weeks ago and stopped going because after two days they still hadn't put him on the suboxone and he couldn't handle it and went out and used. I'm bringing him there in the morning and I told him he just has to beg to see a clinician and tell them he needs to start the suboxone a.s.a.p. so he can go to work and function so he can have a paycheck to pay for a place to live. He's just going to have to make the outpatient program work because he has no other choice. Once he's on the suboxone and working the program, then he can hopefully get into a soberhouse.

    I just can't believe that he's so ready to do the right thing, and the insurance is making it impossible. They said we could do private pay which would be 3 nights of detox at the toon of around $2000.00. If it was a guarantee I would do it in a minute, but we all know that is like throwing money right out the window because 3 days of detox with no rehab afterwards is a waste of everyone's time.

    So for one more night the cabinets and bedroom doors are locked. Pocketbook doesn't leave my side and I count the minutes until tomorrow morning and hope the outpatient clinic comes through for him.

    I haven't lived this way in a very long time!!
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    I am so sorry.

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    Oh I am so sorry.... it drives me nuts that the insurance companies sometimes only pay for detox because of the health problems related with detox. It makes no sense at all. I mean detox without rehab does not usually do a lot of good.... and really if people really dealt with their addiction problems then the health costs would be less in the long run. Ugh I so sympathize. I hope he goes and begs for help tomorrow and gets it. It does sound like he is ready. And shame on the place for not making that clear before you drove all the way there!!!
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    Um actually...................depending on how long you've used and the dosages you've taken, with general health?? It can be life threatening for some people to detox off of opiates.

    And what about the serious health risk of remaining addicted?? I mean c'mon, regardless of the addiction.........a successful detox and rehab program saves them a ton in the long run. Stupid short sighted insurance companies. ugh

    That just stinks all to heck and back that they wouldn't take him but at least they were honest and told you a valid reason why they wouldn't.
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    I'm so sorry, Karen. The world we live in is getting less supportive by the day. In a million years I will never understand how society doesn't understand the dollar value of providing help to those in need.
    It's a shame he is going to have that much of a burden added to his resolve. Hugs. DDD
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    I ran into this problem with husband, drives ya crazy. That is why the last place that dealt with dual diagnosis admitted him to the psychiatric side, it had been too long since he used opiates.
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    That is outrageous! Praying the outpatient clinic comes through for you...
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    Yes - perhaps a dual diagnosis place would take him on the psychiatric end? Maybe he can say he is having suicidal thoughts?
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    There are a couple of dual-diagnosis places in Connecticut. PM me if you would like reviews of them. My experience is that insurance companies simply don't understand the concept of the revolving door. As the senator said in the health-care debate, they would just like you to die quickly.