They got him


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I cant even find a Posting Icon to describe how I feel.

Cory broke into the house this morning after his father left for work and was here when I woke up. I told him he needed to go and he said it was too hot out, that he was dying out there in the heat and that he was trying to find someone to come get him and take him to someones house.

I just nodded and went back to working on some prescription stuff I was doing and quietly called the bail people and told them that if they didnt come RIGHT now that he was going in the wind.

They came.

I pretended to go out to fill the prescriptions and showed them how to find my house. Then I drove my car around to another road where I could see the house but not be right there. They went in and Cory was hiding in his closet. He was so scared he wet his pants.

By this time I am a shaking ball of nerves and I watched them drag him out of the house in shackles. I have barely stopped crying since then.

My hands wont stop shaking and I am just a mess. I know I did what I had to do but it doesnt make this any easier. Therapist says I am grieving.

This is one hell I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy.


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Oh Janet I'm so sorry! I know it hurts so bad to be in this nightmare he created for himself and your family. I hope you can find some peace knowing that he won't wreak havoc on your lives for a while. Maybe he'll learn a lesson and be able to come out with a fresh start. And you'll have some time to heal your broken heart. Do have anti-anxiety medication? I know a Dr. would give you some if he knows the situation. Gentle hugs to you my friend. -Alyssa


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I'm so sorry.

Hopefully, this will end his drama and when he gets out he will have learned the lessons you tried to teach him when he was younger. I sincerely hope this is his bottom.

Gentle hugs and a shoulder for you cry and lean on as you need.


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Thanks everyone.

Maybe things will be brighter when I stop shaking so badly. I wont have my klonopin for another 14 days or so because I sent it in for mail order. Maybe I could ask at the ER for a couple of pills to get through this.

I am going to go take a seroquel and see if that calms me down enough to relax.


I can't tell you how much I admire your courage, because it absolutely took a great deal of courage to do what you knew you had to do.

Of course, knowing that doesn't lessen the pain of the awful situations our kids put us in, and that we certainly didn't bargain for when we decided to become parents.

I'm so sorry...


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Janet, you have been in my thoughts all day. I'm so sorry that it came to this but he is where he needs to be. Hopefully, he will get help and services.
:crying: I'm heartsick for you. Hugs. </span>


I'm thinking of you and am so sorry for what you are going through, it is just a nightmare. I feel so much for you, hope you can get some calm with the Seroquel. Will husband be home soon? Hope that will help.


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Janet - sending gentle hugs. It just breaks my heart that Cory is pushing pushing pushing. Darn it all.

Soothing thoughts and another hug to you, my friend.


I have followed your saga and feel for you. At least now you know he is confined. Sometimes the pharmacy will give you pills to hold you over until your script arrives (and subtract those from the order).

Even though it hurts, you did the right thing.


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Thanks again for all the support. Im sure I will be needing to be here to keep me strong for quite a while.

I did take a short nap and husband got home. We have decided to go get a room by ourselves for the night since he doesnt have to work tomorrow. That should help a lot since my ac is on the blink too.


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Janet, I'm sorry - I didn't see your second post saying that he'd been picked up. I'm so glad for you that it finally happened, and that you are all OK. I can only imagine what all you must be feeling right now!

As hard as it was, you did what you had to do, and that took a tremendous amount of courage. Maybe now that he finally hit bottom, he will accept the help he needs and finally find his way back to being the man you raised him to be. You have my sincerest respect and admiration!


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it is so hard doing things to protect our children. cory is safer in custody than on the streets when he is desperate. sigh
arms wrapped around you, fellow Jan, sigh.
it can only get better.