Things are as they are.....


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Tanya M

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This goes hand in hand with this quote:


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I have to agree with that wholeheartedly! My expectations for my gifted son were high, and for whatever reasons, his were not the same.

It is one of those mysteries of life. Whatever path they have chosen is one that is very foreign to most of us. It is to me anyway!

I spend each Tuesday with a group of like minded friends. Our main lesson is always not to judge, but that part I'm still working on. The interesting thing, all of us have had at least one child that was 'difficult'. With two of us, they still are, the other two had children that flirted with drugs and trouble but did manage to finally live a self supporting responsible life.

Once when I said (we really don't discuss them much) my bad marriage could be responsible for a lot of my son's problems, a lady said she never felt guilt because she raised hers the same and she knew this would have been a problem child regardless the home environment.

The older I get the more I accept this.