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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by cmfout, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Now not so much. difficult child's cell phone is messing up. He hates the phone, wants one with a real keyboard instead of the touch screen. With it having problems I was able to work out a straight across trade with our carrier to get one more suited for him. He wants to keep the messed up one to sell as well as keep the new, more expensive one to use. I tried to explain that it doesn't happen that way. It's a trade - a newer, better, more expensive phone with the features he wants in trade for the one he hates that isn't working properly. He blew! Called me several foul names and took off on his bike into town.
    He's in town - where the night time duty sgt has it out for the entire family and is very unreasonable. The same cop that put bruises on my son when all the other officers present said there was no need for physical force. Where this same cop harrasses me and even my elderly parents and disabled brother every chance they get. Why? Because my brother has a permit for medication. pot and I stood up to the cop over his treatment of my son. I can't call the police for help. I don't have friends in the area to help look for him and bring him home.
    It's very cold and very foggy tonight. I can't see the other side of the road. He doesn't have a coat, doesn't have his phone, and is unreasonable.
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    I hope he got home safe. Going to look for him would have given him to power to make you chase him. So maybe NOT going after him is a better idea?

    With his attitude, maybe he shouldn't have a more expensive phone? maybe staying with the old one that isn't working right is a logical consequence and if he wants a better one after blowing up at your remedy then he needs to go get a job to earn the $$ to buy a new one? With that type of attitude, esp running off when you know he won't answer if you call, he likely doesn't deserve a cell phone. I can promise that my child would NOT have one for a long time after treating me liek that. I don't know the other issues, so I don't know if that is the right call for your family, but his service would be put on vacation status because it is a lot less expensive and he could go without a cell phone for a few months until his attitude shaped up. If he bought his own with-o permission from me then it would get locked up where he couldn't get it. Just because he is able to get something does NOT NOT NOT mean that you have to let him keep it. If his dad wants to provide it then it can live at his dad's house, Know what I mean??

    He is totally unreasonable on this, and I am sorry he worried you so much!
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    I hope he comes home safely as well (and he probably will...these kids have great survival skills on the streets). As for the phone, if this were my child, he wouldn't have either anymore. His little tantrum, plus running off to worry you, would be the end of any fancy phones he got until he worked and paid for them himself. He shouldn't expect a "fancy" phone and is being very ungracious. There is no written rule that says teens SHOULD have expensive phones. Sounds like his phone is nicer than any cell phone we have in our family.
    Let us know when he gets home, please.
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    How scary for you - not knowing where he is and knowing the dangers he faces in town! Is there a possibility that he snuck around and hid out somewhere on your property? A shed, a vehicle, a backdoor into the house that he could sneak back into? One day when my difficult child ran away, he snuck around back and slipped into the back door. He hid out in husband's office. husband was in there and we pretended that I didn't know he was safe and sound! (My difficult child would be the kind of kid that thinks up these kind of punishments toward me. "I don't want Dad to worry so I will let him know I am o.k. and make Mom suffer!")

    Is he back? What happened?