This apartment fell through for difficult child....

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by mstang67chic, Mar 30, 2012.

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    ....why you may ask? Well.

    It seems that while in prison, and in addition to his three burglary felonies, he was talented enough to pick up a FOURTH felony. This time it was felony battery.

    Funny......he didn't mention that one to husband or I.

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    Oh good grief! Now why on earth would he mention that?? :faint::stopglass:
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    Detach! Detach! Detach!
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    Each time I have tried to help my difficult child it has been money thrown down the drain. Each new relationship (he can't stay in one) we have been asked for money and numerous cosigns.

    Maybe one day he will learn the definition of NO, it is not the same as YES or MAYBE. But he doesn't stop asking.

    He complains that his police record stops him from getting a good job. DUH!!! Where was he when everyone kept trying to explain that part to him???
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    I'm sorry. What happens now? Is he still at home? Have you considered telling hm that the 4th felony, esp one involving violence to someone's person, means he needs to leave your home? Do you think he could become violent to you or husband if he is staying with you?

    I hope you can find a place for him soon, or send him back to a shelter and let HIM figure out a place to stay rather than having him at home with YOU trying to find a place for him to go to? Do you think that would motivate him to find a place faster?
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    <-----------------I vote you let DA BOY wear dis stupit (its' not stupid Poo) -------YES IT IZ MOoooooooom outfit - Then you can send him to the pound.
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    UG! So sorry to hear he is still not getting it. -RM
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    He's here although that was not my choice. I do have to say though that husband has had a bit of an awakening. I could tell five minutes after we picked him up from the prison that his attitude hadn't changed one bit. It took husband a bit longer but he did "discuss" something with him last night before telling me that he was disgusted because difficult child was back to his old tricks. difficult child also seems to think that we HAVE to help him because he's our son. He has yet to grasp the concept that at age 22, we don't HAVE to do jack poo.

    We're keeping our eyes open for apartments.
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    LOL, I like that.... you DON"T have to jack poo! how will you break that news, or does he know but refuses to accept,....... (yeah, that's the story of my life, sigh)
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    I have been following the posts about your difficult child with interest, because I also have a son in jail right now. I'm sorry to hear that your difficult child is continuing to have problems even after he is out of prison.
    "difficult child also seems to think that we HAVE to help him because he's our son. He has yet to grasp the concept that at age 22, we don't HAVE to do jack poo."

    The attitude of your difficult child sounds very similiar to me, and because my son says the exact same thing to h and I. This sense of entitlement from the difficult child's really makes me so furious! My difficult child has been in jail for 6 weeks and he is in a drug treatment program while he is in jail. I was hoping that being in jail would be a total shock to our difficult child, and it would force him to take responsibility for his actions. Unfortunately our difficult child has adjusted well to jail, and even now he is making demands to my h and I. He feels like we HAVE to help him by putting lots of money in his commissary account every week, and by setting up a phone account so he can call his girlfriend from jail, and also by making demands of us when he calls us. He does not even act remorseful for stealing from me, and he blames me for putting him in jail because I insisted on pressing charges for the theft. It just astounds me that this kid feels like he has the right to demand that we help him when he was the one who committed the crimes in the first place. The nerve of these kids!

    Anyway, good luck with your difficult child, and stay strong. HUGS...