This is a quote from one of our reps!!!

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    I tried to write him it was returned.... so now I have to try and find this jerks e-mail... I basically went on and explained to him how I have a Neurological Brain Disorder and am Married and that maybe a Lack of Health care might add to divorce and not a neuroligical brain disorder ... maybe he should think about his words next time....

    The family impact statement on legislative bills was proposed by Rep. Dick Harwood, R-St. Maries.

    "Right now we don't really think about the family when we're doing a bill," he said. "You have mental illness, you have abuse, you have drug problems, alcohol problems, things like that. And you can kind of relate all that back to the breakdown of the family, if you really look at it real close."

    *I like his 'Kind of' quote.... what the frick does that mean????

    this is for the covenant marriage law proposal.... here in Idaho.He is blaming divorce on Mental Illness....
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    I think it is sort of the other way around, i.e. he is blaming a whole plethora of things on the "breakdown of the family", by which he no doubt means divorce and abortion. Not exactly silver-tongued in the phrasing, was it?
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    Capitol Location

    State Capitol Building
    Boise, ID 83720
    Home Office

    81527 Highway 3 South
    St. Maries, ID 83861
    Phone: (208) 245-4446

    He's your representative - call his office and ask them to clarify what he meant. Whomever wrote his speech - needs replaced. It was about as clear as mud.
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    What a nit-wit. we don't need him advocating for us and ours!
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    I read it as HWGA read it, too. Either way, it's a chicken and egg BS justification to create many second class citizens to keep from funding anything so those richest few can not pay taxes. Who did this guy not deride in this statement? Rich white married heterosexual fundamentalist zealots.

    Who cares which causes what? Treat the family, treat the addiction treat the disease, keep people safe and happy. I won't even justify the "covenant marriage" question with a remark.

    Soapbox returned...